FanIQ Spotlight Fan of the Week 9/9/09

FanIQ Spotlight Fan of the Week - Employee Edition: Jess

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Bringing forth FanIQ's greatest asset every week - you! This week we bring you Jess! Please join me in getting to know FanIQ's Community Manager a little better - Jess!

Fan Stats
Name: Jess

General Location: Pacific Northwest
Job: FanIQ Community Manager
Favorite Teams: Seattle Seahawks, Anaheim Ducks, Seattle Mariners top the list, but there are several
Least Favorite Teams: Dallas Stars
Favorite Experts: Scott…no, seriously
Least Favorite Experts: Is Rich Eisen considered an expert? If so, him.
Favorite Movie: Lots of faves, but Troy and Lucky # Slevin rank high.
Favorite TV Shows: Rescue Me, BONES, Grey’s Anatomy, Seahawks All Access, NFL Total Access are top 5, but it’s a long list.


Who was your favorite athlete growing up?

When I was little, I absolutely loved Walter Payton. I think that may very well be where my draw to the number 34 stems. I liked Warren Moon, Deion Sanders, and Jerry Rice a lot too. I was also a big fan of Barry Sanders. Then when I got into Jr. High and started developing crushes, Bo Jackson took over my entire room.

If you had your choice to attend any sporting event, anywhere, what would it be?
As an avid fan of two sports, this question is so hard to answer – I want both! I would love to go to a Super Bowl, of course…it would be great if my team was playing, but it would be a dream to go even if they weren’t. A Stanley Cup Finals game would also be amazing. I’m not picky there either.

Some may say that you have a "curse" of sorts when it comes to players jerseys…tell me, why do you think that say that?

Literally every jersey I've bought or even thought about buying has led to the injury/trade/release/retirement of a player. The first jersey I ever bought was a Spokane Chiefs junior hockey jersey, and the guy got spinal meningitis two months later. The first Seahawks jersey I wanted to buy was Cortez Kennedy, and he retired. Then Shawn Springs and he left. Then Chad Brown…The first Seattle jersey I bought was Trufant, and he was injured within a week. I bought a Hasselbeck jersey for my daughter the week before he went down with the knee injury that took him out for a few weeks in 2006. I said I wanted a Mack Strong pro bowl jersey, and not a month later he sustained a neck injury that eventually forced him to retire. Finally my husband got smart and bought me a Steve Largent jersey, but then he bought me a Francois Beauchemin Ducks jersey for Christmas last year and now Beauch’s in Toronto. It can only happen so many times before you start to believe in the curse...the list goes on and on. The only players that are safe are jerseys I buy for my husband. Go figure.

Many sports fans have a moment in their teams career that makes them proud to be a fan.  Is there a moment like this for you?  If so which moment?
Of course a championship will always make you proud to be a fan, so that’s kind of a no-brainer with the
Ducks. Other proud Duck Fan moments were when Babcock was coaching, and a few former Spokane Chiefs were with the team. It was cool to know some of the guys out there on "the pond".

With the Seahawks, being part of the 12th man is actually a pretty amazing feeling. To know that no matter what, you belong with these people who are die-hards and proud fans of our team; even when they don’t win a lot or they are all but forgotten by the rest of the league. There have been many moments that the team has made me proud to be a fan, but one of the most recent was when I was in Seattle last month. These guys practiced so hard at what’s being claimed by many Seahawks to be one of the toughest training camps ever. But after practice when they could go back and shower, relax in a whirlpool, etc. they stayed out there at least 30 minutes longer just to sign autographs and talk to the fans. While I was there, I saw an article about Nate Burleson and a fan that made me realize just how much they appreciate their 12th man.

As a follow-up, there are also moments that your team has let you down; do you have any moments like this?  If so what?
The Ducks have let me down a lot with some of the transactions they’ve made in the past and by condoning some of (and participating in) the dirty play that they’re so famous for lately. There’s a line between gritty and outright dirty, and they’ve crossed it at times. My teams don’t let me down when they lose or have a bad season, as long as they play hard and smart.

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9/12/09   |   vinoos_7   |   1 respect

Jess......words arent enough  to  speak abt u..... for...Every moment is an experience in wht ever you do.....

9/12/09   |   ChargerJim   |   80 respect

If only your husband would've bought you a "Ben Roethlisberger" or a "Hines Ward" jersey a few years back...................Thanks for all you do on this site, doesn't go unappreciated

9/12/09   |   sinanilulu

Jess wrote:
You guys are sweet, thank you all so much for your kind words. You guys who make me proud just to be a part of this "family". 

u are welcome lady .

9/12/09   |   hockey54   |   4743 respect

Great article. let me know who your Favorite Ducks player is and I`ll send you a game sweater. wink. And pleassssse don`t touch any Wings sweaters in your travels.

9/12/09   |   Just_Smile   |   98 respect

Great article.... You're a great asset to this site and a very cool chick too!!!!!!  It was fun meeting you and Nellie and I like the name of your dog!  

9/12/09   |   Superbleeder   |   94 respect

I would like to have The Force too.  Great article.

9/12/09   |   swtMona

 Congrats Jess....its a very nice interview....

9/12/09   |   vinoos_7   |   1 respect

Jess wrote:
You guys are sweet, thank you all so much for your kind words. You guys who make me proud just to be a part of this "family". 

Thats the spirit...n Sports is alll about this kinda is just a human chain connecting the masses from the world around!!!!!

9/12/09   |   kteacher   |   34430 respect

Jess is the ONLY Ducks fan I like. lol

Great interview!

9/12/09   |   Jess   |   35100 respect

You guys are sweet, thank you all so much for your kind words. You guys who make me proud just to be a part of this "family". 

9/10/09   |   JemJenn   |   423 respect we all know, YOU ROCK!!  You are not only the Queen of the Q, but the glue that holds it together!  Thanks Nellie for the great write-up!  You are both awesome!!

9/10/09   |   WBKsports   |   366 respect

 Thanks for all of your help JESS. When I 1st logged into FAN IQ, you were there to help me out and guide me through the process. You always stay calm and give all of us FAN IQ members equal opportunities. I'm 100% sure you have never said anything rude or mean to any member here. I bet you are the same in your real life as well. You are the nicest member on FAN IQ EVAAAAAAARR!!!!!

9/10/09   |   mk_donley   |   2554 respect

Awesome interview! To the boss on the Q who is a classy gal and a awesome and valued friend!
Jess buddy, you rule!!!!!!!

9/10/09   |   Poli_   |   93 respect

 Awesomness! Great interview...appreciate that you speak geek to make the Q roll on...

9/10/09   |   SusanVette   |   9513 respect

Exceptional info, boss. Thanks Nellie for another great writeup.

9/10/09   |   alexander1000

Rock on Jesse!

9/10/09   |   YankeeFan   |   98 respect

She is the glue that holds the Q together.  Jess, you rock!

9/10/09   |   BluDevil   |   618 respect

Awesome! Thanks for everything Jess, you make the Q a great place! (And I love Jerry Rice too lol)

9/10/09   |   Shiloh884   |   38 respect

That was a wonderful article!  Both of you keep up the good work!  Jess, you are a great person and I enjoy all you share with us!  Keep 'em coming!

9/10/09   |   Jess   |   35100 respect

billywa wrote:
 "Finally my husband got smart and bought me a Steve Largent jersey,"

Wonder if that was in 2002, when Largent lost the election for Oklahoma governor that many considered to be his for the taking?

LOL nope - it was in 2007. Nothing bad happened to him in 2007 did it? Crap, I better check.

9/10/09   |   kantwistaye   |   4219 respect

So who is this Jess woman?

9/9/09   |   Dream_Machine   |   13450 respect

Congratulations On Your Interview. Always #2 To Your #1

9/9/09   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

My head just exploded from the awesomeness of Nellie interviewing Jess. Thank you both for everything you do.

9/9/09   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

Awesome article, about THE most awesome person!

9/9/09   |   Raider_Dave   |   47 respect

All that one needs to know of our beloved FanIQ Community Manager:

Kidding (slightly) but thanks for all that you do (Jess) and a great interview (Nels) [ya criminals ] !! 

9/9/09   |   HULL_17   |   2495 respect's nice to meet you Jess...thank you for all that you do here on The Q

9/9/09   |   Jubanator14   |   367 respect


9/9/09   |   lleedubb   |   32 respect

Great article on a great gal!!....P.S. Can you please buy a Tom Brady jersey?!!........(just kiddin' Pats' fans, Brady's my boy!)

9/9/09   |   Heyhey1970   |   194 respect

Thanks for all that you do, Jess.  Starbucks definitely makes it easier to keep up with "the Q" during early mornings or late nights.   

9/9/09   |   calbear   |   4 respect

Shout out, Jess!

9/9/09   |   gobigblue1960   |   4805 respect

(Edited by gobigblue1960)

Now Jess, you know i love ya', but, please don't let your husband, or any of your friends buy you a Matthew Stafford, or a Justtin Verlander jersey...promise.? Ok, all kidding aside, i thank you for all that you do on the Q, and, oh yeah...about that belly dancing......!!!!

We love ya' Jess...God Bless.

9/9/09   |   Beaneaters   |   17855 respect

Hey... can I ask you something about the 'Wall'? HA... just kidding, Jess. Really nice to know a little more about The Queen of Q. Great interview with and by two great ladys. Thanks tons.

9/9/09   |   drn0iswatr   |   731 respect

not only am I impressed...I wish I my job was with this site - that would be SWEET!!

9/9/09   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

All hail the great community leader!

9/9/09   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

A great article on someone who if is not the heart and soul of the Q, is at least the lungs and liver of the Q. 

9/9/09   |   Raven73   |   103 respect

What??? Wait! You CAN'T fix EVERYTHING on the site??? I spread that rumor and now I have to retract it?

Only one question boss...where does one find a belly dancing class when they live in Podunk/Farm Town?

9/9/09   |   billywa   |   658 respect

(Edited by billywa)

 "Finally my husband got smart and bought me a Steve Largent jersey,"

Wonder if that was in 2002, when Largent lost the election for Oklahoma governor that many considered to be his for the taking?

9/9/09   |   hskrdave   |   10836 respect

 I love the jersey curse.  I know how that is, along with my signed memorabilia.