FanIQ's New Look - What Happened?

1/19/08 in FanIQ   |   Ty   |   81 respect

Sports teams change their uniforms every few seasons so we thought it was time for a new look for FanIQ.

The new site is wider and we've also changed the colors around.  We think it looks better but would love your feedback.

Also, we've made several improvements to the format of the homepage.  Our goal is to combine the best sports news and videos from all over the Web with the best content from the FanIQ community.  We'd  love your thoughts for how we could do this better.

Other new features include the Friends Play by Play which allows you too stalk track your friend's activities and several more Trivia enhancements including the ability to track your stats by sport (and compare to your top friends).

Also, we changed the name of the Hangout to "Locker Room."   The Locker Room is the place on FanIQ for non-sports talk.   We're hoping that Locker Room being about non-sports stuff is a little more intuitive for new users.  So, if you catch people talking about movies or politics, tell them to take it to the "Locker Room."

We've got a ton more cool stuff coming this year.  One of the things that we're working on right now is improving the pageload times and speed of the site.  In a couple more weeks, you should notice some big improvements.

Feedback or ideas?  FanIQ is your sports site so please let us know...
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7/2/11   |   Gazzo   |   18 respect

 87 format changes later. My head is still spinning. ;)

9/17/10   |   Gneeh

I hate it!  It's like a game now and what happened to the vegas scores? It was perfect before.  Ugg!  Please fix this!

1/21/08   |   Qubes

its great

1/19/08   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

I have the same sentiments as Schuyler, which seems to happen a lot around here, so that shouldn't surprise anybody lol.  Great job, Ty!

1/19/08   |   Chief_aka_James   |   3307 respect

Kinda scared me at first...but honestly; I like this look a lot better.

I was having internet issues here, so I thought the page wasn't loading right at first

1/19/08   |   allinaaakk

The site looks way better. I love the "locker room". I love the explanation part that has been added to the trivia section. I just wish the site loaded faster but you already said that will improve. Keep up the great work.

1/19/08   |   Woodruff2   |   14 respect

I like the concept, but can't cut off the play by play feature for my friends. As I don't want to see every time they high-five somebody. I just liked the head to head on the front instead of having to revert to looking it up as the games playout. Other than that Good Job.

1/19/08   |   Gazzo   |   18 respect

Site looks awesome Ty! Way to go!

1/19/08   |   Jess   |   35092 respect

(Edited by Jess)

I love the new look - it's nice to have something other than the plain white - I'll admit my airheadedness and that it took me a few seconds to realize it's a whole "Scoreboard" motif. Great job, designers!

I also love the front page - it looks less cluttered and easier to follow.

1/19/08   |   Janse

Not sure I love the darker feeling, although everything does seem a bit more crisp around the menus. Same with Guysogum, my only big complaint is the speed it takes to load the pages. I'll probably have suggestions as I browse through the new layout like usual.

1/19/08   |   Guysogum

(Edited by Guysogum)

Yeah. The only thing I really have is for the site to be faster. Good idea widening the pages because when I used to log in on some computers the pages were messy.