FanIQ's Weekly MLB Review 2/10/2012

Take Me Out to Spring Training and Book 'Em, Shane-O...It's QTWIB! [FanIQ's Weekly MLB Review]

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Hello out there in FanIQ Land!  TGIF and welcome back to another all new episode of FanIQ's reincarnation of the classic TV show This Week in Baseball in blog form, known simply to you as QTWIB.  Baseball season is getting ever closer.  I can't wait for Spring!  We've got a long way around the bases and short time to get it all in.  From Cecil Fielder sounding off to a guest TV appearance and Spring Training Eve, we've got you covered from the first pitch to extra innings if we have to go that far.  So enough with all the hoopla, let's get this party started...PLAY BALL!

First Pitch:
Here's a look at what's coming up this week on QTWIB...
  • It's finally here, pitchers and catchers start reporting very soon!  We'll show you the rundown of when teams report.
  • Cecil Fielder says Prince ignores the family, but is it really all Prince's fault?
  • Book em, Danno, or is it Shane-O?  The Flyin' Hawaiian goes prime time.
  • Drugs are bad, mmkay?  A Former BoSox pitcher admits he was a crackhead as more minor leaguers are suspended for drug use.
  • Speaking of drugs in baseball, Cooperstown is starting a drug ed program.
  • George Brett is in trouble and this time it's not for pine tar.
  • The Rangers inked 2 of their big bats, we'll tell you who.
  • Long live moneyball!  the A's extend Beanie and el presidente.
  • Clayton Kershaw avoids arbitration.  We'll also show you some of the more notable signings.
  • What keeps Vin Scully going?  He tells us in his own words.
Those stories and much more plus TWIBIA are all coming on on FanIQ's This Week in Baseball!


Are you ready for some baseball?!  I know I am, and we'll call today Spring Training Eve.  The Seattle Mariners are the first team to ask pitchers and catchers to report, and they're due at camp February 11th, that's TOMORROW!laugh  The rest of the team will report by the 17th, and all teams will start full spring training workouts before the end of February.  I am not certain of the schedule for all teams in their opening games, but I do know my Pirates will play their first spring training game on March 3rd, so actual baseball is upon us and the regular season will be here before you know it!  I've asked one of the biggest contributors in Q history, Scott, to give us a bird's-eye view of it all.  He's a mod and a featured writer, and he also makes an annual trip to see his St. Louis Cardinals during spring training, and I'm going to be asking him to share his own accounts with us, and of course pictures to go along with the tales.  Wanna know when your team reports?  Check out the full list of dates that tells you when your pitchers and catchers report, their first workout, when the rest of the team comes in, and the first full workout.  I'm excited, and I'm sure you are too, so come on April!

Inning Break:
Josh Hamilton visited MLB doctors after last week's booze night.  It would seem to me that if he's meeting with doctors he wants to fix the problem and make sure it doesn't happen again.  Rangers GM Jon Daniels said it's "unlikely" the Rangers would take any action against Hamilton, and would defer the coin toss to the MLB.  We'll let you know what happens with the former AL MVP.

Bottom of the First:

Cecil and Prince Fielder haven't gotten along all that great in recent years.  When Prince signed a new deal with the Tigers though, Cecil said they were getting along much better.  However, he now says that "we're all a little disappointed."  As our Nick_L points out, Cecil went through a rather fugly divorce with Prince's mom.  He also gambled the night away AND actually took part of Prince's 2002 signing bonus from the Brew-crew, $200,000 of it to be exact!  So now it all seems to make sense.  If I were Prince I wouldn't want to talk to my dad either after the crap he pulled over the years.  Anyone remember the song Cats in the Cradle?  "I'm gonna be like you, dad.  You know I'm gonna be like you."  Seems Prince is perhaps giving his father the silent treatment as a way of payback.  What's your take on the matter?  Tell us in the comments below.

Inning Break:
Mets GM Sandy Alderson opened up a Twitter account.  He's already begun telling the public about the financial difficulties the team is facing after being Bernie Madoff'd into the depths of monetary hell.  Alderson's first tweet, "Getting ready for Spring Training-Driving to FL but haven’t left yet. Big fundraiser tonight for gas money. Also exploring PAC contribution."  The billionaire mayor isn't interested in buying the team, and they're now asking for help from the high courts in the Madoff disaster, we'll keep you posted.


As the Yahoo! article states, "book em, Shane-O!"  Shane Victorino is going to try his hand at acting.  The Flyin' Hawaiian will appear on CBS's reincarnated Hawaii Five-O on Monday night.  He gets to play a business exec on a company retreat.  It will be part of an episode that centers around the murder of a guy dressed as a Hawaiian warrior.  Apolo Anton Ohno is also part of this new episode as a Hawaiian history buff.  I haven't watched this show very often, but I may watch it Monday night to see Gazoo, I mean Victorino.

Inning Break:
Big news out of the Bay area...okay, so it's news that makes me shake my head.  The Giants have finalized a 1-year, $1 million deal to bring back Guillermo Mota.  He's now 38, and has been a career mediocre reliever.  I personally think Bruce Bochy may be borderline senile in saying he's become a viable option in the bullpen.  Maybe one of you Giants fans can answer me this simple question...WHY?!

Thrown Out at Home:
Right now on our weekly adventures of Minor Drugging, two men from the same system have received 50-game bans for a second violation.  This time it was 2 Mets farmhands, catcher Charles "Dock" Doyle and pitcher Scott Moviel.  Also, Mariners minor league catcher Christian Carmichael has received 50 games for a positive test.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again, this is becoming an epidemic!  I wonder how many more minor leaguers are going to get suspended before the regular season starts.  Anyone want to start placing bets?  I'm putting the over/under at 15.  Also this week, former Red Sox pitcher Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd admitted that he used cocaine nearly every night during his 10-year career.  Maybe that's the reason he was a career .500 pitcher and had an ERA over 4.00.  The ghost of Dock Ellis approves, Denny.  He also believes that his career was cut short because of racism.  Yep, when in doubt, play the race card.  No, Oil Can, your career wasn't cut short because you're black, it was cut short because you were a crackhead.  Do not pass GO, do not collect $200.  Have a nice day, thanks for playing.

Inning Break:
The Reds finalized a deal with Ryan Ludwick for $2.5 million.  He's coming off a lackluster season, but his homer total should go up and so should his hitting, as he'll be playing 81 games at Batter's Best Friend Stadium, AKA Great American Ballpark.

QTWIB is going to take a quick commercial break.  We'll be right back on page 2 after this!
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2/13/12   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

jaysinw wrote:
Yes,  I can take pictures and share them and I see at those games.


2/13/12   |   jaysinw   |   4978 respect

kramer wrote:
When you go to those games, take some pics for us.  Do you mind sharing some photos and writing something about the games you saw, give us a little live look-in of your own that I could add to this blog?

Yes,  I can take pictures and share them and I see at those games.

2/12/12   |   derms33   |   17645 respect

 "Oil Can" sounded so much better than "Rolled Up Bill"

2/12/12   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

Re: Minor leaguers testing for drugs. It's simple really. Guys want to get to the big league, and some will go over the edge to do it. That's not to condone what they're doing, but it's not exactly a mystery as to why it happens.

RE: Ludwick. He hasn't been that great the past two years and he's 33. He's a good pickup for a 4th OF, but the question is Dusty smart enough to use him as such.

2/12/12   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

Anything that will help. What they really need is a calendar that goes past July 4, unlike last year!

Nah, I'll give em credit up until the last week of July when they went down to Atlanta and to Philly.  End of July and beginning of August is when it all fell apart.

2/12/12   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

Now NutJob is trying to deal for AJ Burnett of the Yankees. If they can haggle the dollars, it looks like Cashman will pull the trigger. As of Friday, they were off by like $6M.

The Yankees would take a good chunk of his salary.  I heard Garrett Jones in exchange, then I heard that they're just trying to unload Burnett because he's become expendable.  The sad thing is if he signs with the Pirates he's better than probably 3 of the current starting rotation.

2/12/12   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

So it appears that the Pirates were actually shelling out offers to both Roy Oswalt AND Edwin Jackson.  The deal for Jackson was a 2-year deal.  Both turned them down.  That tells me that Bob Nutting still hasn't gained the trust of the rest of the baseball world enough yet.  The man still has a lot of work to do.

2/10/12   |   derms33   |   17645 respect

 Ludwick will have big numbers in Cincy

2/10/12   |   ML31   |   3675 respect

San Diego is offering $99 season tickets for military personnel (excluding Opening Day).

Have you seen games from there when the Marines attend?  They come in and out as if they were on parade.  Organized and synchronized.  This isn't a knock...  Just an interesting observation.

2/10/12   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

jaysinw wrote:
I am excited about Spring Training, will go see the Astros and Nations on the 3rd then Nations on the 4th and then the Mets and Nationals on the 5th. My brother-in-law in a Nationals fan so we are going to his teams game first. Then later we will go to more Mets games.

When you go to those games, take some pics for us.  Do you mind sharing some photos and writing something about the games you saw, give us a little live look-in of your own that I could add to this blog?

2/10/12   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

OK, hold on here. I liked Guthrie as an Orioles fan, and wish the trade went better, but calling him an ace is dead wrong. His career ERA+ is 105, so we're talking about a slightly above average pitcher. Yes, he was the #1 guy on the Orioles staff, but that's more a reflection of the rest of the staff than anything else. Last year he only stayed the #1 guy because the young pitchers that were highly regarded and supposed to take over mostly imploded. Plus, he's 32, so it's not like Guthrie would have been on the next good Orioles team. The decision to trade him was fine. What they got for him was the problem. Comparing that move in any way with the Kershaw extension is asinine. #1 starter does not always equal "ace."

2/10/12   |   ML31   |   3675 respect

(Edited by ML31)

On Scully...

As a Giants enthusiast, I am required to rag on everything relating to the Dodgers from late arriving apathetic crowds, to the smoggy view of the city.  But Vin is an icon that transcends the Giants-Dodgers rivalry.  He is easily the best baseball broadcaster over the last 60+ years and possibly the best ever.

Good for Vin.  I hope he NEVER retires.

2/10/12   |   ML31   |   3675 respect

Possible answer to the Mota question...

Because they stupidly traded Ramirez in the Pagan deal.  Sort of forcing them to keep Mota.  At least he isn't costing them much...  They have to save money so they can resign Cain long term before next season and to keep Timmy around after the current two year deal is up.  Fortunately they only have two more years of the Zito deal before they can (and almost certainly will) buy him out.

2/10/12   |   jaysinw   |   4978 respect

I am excited about Spring Training, will go see the Astros and Nations on the 3rd then Nations on the 4th and then the Mets and Nationals on the 5th. My brother-in-law in a Nationals fan so we are going to his teams game first. Then later we will go to more Mets games.