FanIQ's Weekly MLB Review 5/4/2012

We've Got No-Nos on the Field, in the Stands, and Fans Across the Globe, It's QTWIB! [FanIQ Weekly MLB Review]

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Hello out there in FanIQ Land!  TGIF and welcome back to the show that brings you the best of baseball on FanIQ every Friday.   Call it your week-in-review, your baseball gumbo, the Q’s 6:00 sports report, or any other name you can come up with.  It’s the reincarnation in blog form of the classic TV show This Week in Baseball, known simply to you as Blog Photo - FanIQ's Weekly MLB Review 5/4/2012
This week, the Rays lose a big bat, the Halos say "NO-NO," and I went to a baseball game and a hockey fight broke out.  We’ve got you covered from first pitch to extra innings if we have to go that far.  We’ve got a long way to go around the bases and a short time to get there, so enough of all the hoopla, let’s get this party started…PLAY BALL!

First Pitch:
Here's a look at what's coming up on this episode of QTWIB...
  • He's hurt again, the Rays just lost a huge piece of their puzzle thanks to popping a wheelie hammie.
  • Your latest Q MLB Power Rankings
  • Don't let this happen to you...a lesson on how NOT to act when you go to an away game
  • What's wrong with the Angels?  They've been struggling and Albert has yet to hit one out of the yard...panic time already in Anaheim?
  • The Tigers are also struggling to hit.  Can they win without cloning Verlander 4 times?
  • We'll share some couch potato predictions with you from one of our newest members.
  • Let the Bryce Harper era begin!
  • It's another no-hitter, and this time it's the home team that pitches the historic game.
  • Fans are winners all over the globe, even in a war zone.
Those stories and much more, plus TWIBIA, are all coming up on FanIQ This Week in Baseball!

But first, let's get to some BREAKING NEWS...

Mariano Rivera, baseball's all-time leader in saves, and long thought to be invincible having not been on the DL in 9 years, is OUT of the Yankees bullpen this morning.  He was playing catch in the outfield during warm-ups as pitchers always do, and his knee buckled.  He fell to the ground and had to eventually be carted off the field.  He was scheduled to undergo and MRI in Kansas City last night.  We'll keep you updated with anything we find out.

Blog Photo - FanIQ's Weekly MLB Review 5/4/2012
Tampa Bay has a very good lineup, but they just lost a huge piece of it when Evan Longoria popped a hamstring attempting to steal second base Monday against the Mariners.  Yes it's true that the Rays have a lot of firepower and a very versatile lineup, BUT, do they have someone who's as good defensively as Evan at third base?  He could be out for as little as 4 weeks or as much as 8, we don't know yet.  What we do know is that no matter how good you think your are without one of your star players when they're placed on the DL, it still hurts.  The Rays should be able to survive, but don't expect them to continue to set the world on fire.

Inning Break:
I can't even come up with a competent response to this.  Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd already admitted to being a crackhead while playing.  Now he's saying things that make it seem as if he's still using crack today.  He now says that he's not very thankful to Jackie Robinson at've got to be s***ting me!

Bottom of the First:
Every week this season along with QTWIB, we're trying our best to give you our MLB power rankings here on the Q.  This week is similar to last.  The Rangers are still #1, but the O's in the top 10?  The Red Sox are still well outside the top 20?  You really mean to tell me my Bucs aren't in last place?!  Yes, strange things happen early in the season, and that's no different this year.  Check out Pat's rankings for this week.

Inning Break:
Is Ian Kinsler the best second baseman in the game?  We pose that question to YOU.  Personally I'm in agreement with the idea that Robinson Cano is the best at this position, especially if you're going by offensive numbers.  In fact it's not even close.  Defensively there are a lot of good guys, but who do you personally feel is the best?

Error on the Play:
Blog Photo - FanIQ's Weekly MLB Review 5/4/2012
When you plan on going to an away game, you know you're probably going to get heckled by the hometown fans, it's inevitable.  It's often fun to give it right back, and most people will take it in good fun.  However, the next time you plan a road trip to see your team away from home, don't be this girl.  She wore a BoSox hat into Yankees Stadium, that's strike one.  She also was in all likelihood intoxicated, that's strike two.  She kept on bantering the Yankees fans and strike three you're out.  She got beer dumped on her, pushed away, kicked down a few rows of seats into a railing, and still came back for more.  Folks, don't let this happen to you!

Inning Break:
QTWIB is taking a quick commercial break.  Coming up, the Angels and Tigers are both struggling while we sit back on our couch and critique what we see.  We'll be right back on page two after this!
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