FanIQ's Weekly MLB Review 6/1/2012

Life Savers, Sour Patch Kids, and Duds...It's Gotta Be QTWIB! [FanIQ Weekly MLB Review]

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Hello out there in FanIQ Land!  TGIF and welcome back to the show that brings you the best of America's pastime on FanIQ every Friday.   Call it your week-in-review, your baseball gumbo, the Q’s 6:00 sports report, or any other name you can come up with.  It’s the reincarnation in blog form of the classic TV show This Week in Baseball, known simply to you as Blog Photo - FanIQ's Weekly MLB Review 6/1/2012
This week we've got a life saver in Pittsburgh, sour patch kids at Fenway, and some duds throughout the league.  We’ve got you covered from first pitch to extra innings if we have to go that far.  We’ve got a long way to go around the bases and a short time to get there, so enough of all the hoopla, let’s get this party started…PLAY BALL!

First Pitch:
Here's a look at what's coming up on this week's installment...
  • No more!  Jamie Moyer got DFA'd, Rick will tell us why enough is enough.
  • Barry Bonds back in baseball as a GM?
  • Panic time in Philly, Oswalt is headed south and Doc is having his shoulder looked at.
  • Maybe we should have a Q vote for which HS player wins catch of the year.
  • The Tribe pulled off a sweep of the Tigers, cause for concern?
  • Joe Maddon lashes out at the Red Sox coaching staff, is this the end of the shenanigans or have we just begun between the Sox and Rays?
  • So much for 50-50, we'll reiterate why making guarantees before the season starts is stupid.
  • The Reds had an interesting 3-game series in Pittsburgh, and none of the excitement was on the field.
  • Speaking of the Steel City, A.J. Burnett is having a career resurgence.
  • We'll also go back through the archives and show you the articles that your host missed in last week's episode following the 3-weeks of MIA time.
Those stories and much more, plus TWIBIA, are all coming up on FanIQ This Week in Baseball!

Lead Off:

Jamie Moyer is the ageless wonder.  He was determined to come back this year and pitch in the majors, and he's done that, becoming the oldest pitcher to win a major league baseball game at age 49.  Since he won his 2 starts, he's pitched like he's 49.  Just yesterday, he was designated for assignment by the Rockies.  Rick tells Jamie it's time to say goodbye, and I agree with him.  He had a very long successful career, but it's time to hand the ball over to the manager for the final time, Mr. Moyer.  What say you, FanIQ?  Should he stay or should he finally go now?  Rest assured when we hear any news, you'll know.

Inning Break:
Roy Oswalt has finally gotten a contract offer.  He's headed to the Rangers.  That officially kills the Phillies this year, we'll explain that a little later in the show.  This article was from late last week, and Buster Olney reported it.  It wasn't official, but Buster is usually right, and he was again this time.

Bottom of the First:

Barry, Barry, Barry.  I have my own opinions of Barry Bonds, but they're not appropriate for this show and would make a sailor blush, so I'll keep them to myself.  He wants to come back to baseball, this time most likely in a front office job for the Giants.  He never technically retired, but why should they give him a job again?  Another opinion this week, and one I vehemently threw under the bus, was the idea of Bonds coming back to Pittsburgh as the Bucs GM...say WHAT?!  I say no, actually make that hell no!  20 years ago he ditched the city claiming he wanted to play for a team that could win a championship, and then never won it with the Giants.  I'll leave this one up to you folks to discuss, it's sure to spark some fireworks anytime Barry Bonds comes up in conversation.

Inning Break:
Are the Indians actually back?  This is an article that was missed last week, but it warrants a second look.  This team is Jekyll and Hyde to the nth degree.  With this many references to Major League, I may need to run to the bathroom while writing this week's episode due to laughing too hard.

Pitched into a Jam:

It may finally be time to hit the panic button in the city of brotherly love.  First, Ryan Howard and Chase Utley began the season on the DL, and they have yet to play.  Then Roy Oswalt decided he's going to Arlington to play with the Rangers, it's much closer to home.  Then there was the curious case of Roy Halladay not pitching like his usual self.  Well, he's been placed on the DL and Doc will miss 6-8 weeks with a lat strain.  The Phils are still staring up at the rest of the house from the cellar, and this may have just dug their hole into the sub-basement of the loaded NL East.  They need some healthy bodies and some blockbuster deals between now and July 31st if they're going to hold on to that division crown this year.  But as of right now, it's not looking good.

Inning Break:
Just your everyday occurrence here...once again the Roger Clemens trial restarted for the umteenth time.  I don't expect anything different than the first 46 trials.

On that note, QTWIB is going to take a quick commercial break.  We'll be right back on page 2 after this!
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