Fantasy Football Week 11 Studs And Duds

Terrell Owens Is On The List Once Again. A Dud, Once Again [Studs and Duds]

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What’s up Fan IQ readers? I’m Matt and  I’m a fantasy football nerd. That’s sure to pick up plenty of ladies on here. Anyway, this is my first post on the website, and hopefully I’m going to be making many more(unless you run me out of here).

I run a sports/entertainment/booze/hot ladies/whatever blog called “Sharapova’s Thigh” and do a weekly fantasy football roundup that got noticed by the folks here, so I was asked to bring some of that fantasy flavor over here. So that’s what I’m doing and hopefully I can help you win some fantasy titles. If I make your fantasy team sink faster than Lindsay Lohan’s career,  I sincerely apologize, and please don’t kill me.

I saw Pat’s studs/duds and I’m going to go with a similar format at least for this first post. It’s very possible this looks completely different next week, as this is the year of change after all.

For the studs, I’ll typically just have the highest scorers, or close to that at each position. However for the duds, I’m not going to go with the QB that got the least fantasy points every time for example. Say Dan Orlovsky clearly has the worst week for fantasy QB’s, what’s the point of even analyzing it really? Who is going to have him on their fantasy teams? And if you do, you might as well throw in the towel already. So I’ll usually make the duds good players that are disappointments each week.

Enough of my blabbering, let’s take a look at the week 11 studs/duds. Oh, and I’m basing the points off of ESPN standard league settings.


QB: Matt Cassel(36 Points). Tom who? Cassel became the first QB in the history of the game(I’m writing this in a Bill Walton voice) to throw for at least 400 yards and run for at least 60 yards.  Oh, and 3 touchdowns with no interceptions to go with those stats. As Larry David would say, “Prettyyyyyy, prettyyyyyyyy, prettyyyyyyyyyyy, pretty good.”
QB: Shaun Hill(22 Points). You can pretty much award this to the quarterback that’s facing the Rams before the game happens. Still, very impressive game for the 49ers QB: 15/20, 210 yards, 2 TD, and a rushing TD. More performances like this, and he’s in good shape to not be mooned by Mike Singletary anytime soon.
Didn’t Forget Ya: Peyton Manning(20 Points), Kerry Collins(19 Points), Tyler Thigpen(19 Points).

RB: Ryan Grant(20 Points). The Packers RB embarrassed me for predicting him to be bad in this game, and he embarrassed the Bears even more with 25 carries for 145 yards and a TD. Grant was the biggest fantasy surprise for week 11, as he didn’t have a single 100-yard game on the season, and the Bears had one of the best run defenses in the league that shut down Chris Johnson and Lendale White the previous week. It appears the second-year back is finally back on track after disappointing fantasy owners for most of this season.
RB: Joseph Addai(26 Points). Finally, he’s back. After dealing with a hamstring injury and getting in the end zone since week 5, Addai got 105 yards on the ground with a TD, and added 4 receptions for 48 yards and a TD. Addai’s previous high for rushing yards in a game this season was 78. 
Didn’t Forget Ya: DeAngelo Williams(24 Points), Marshawn Lynch(22 Points), Steve Slaton(21 Points).

WR: Justin Gage(26 Points). 2 straight great fantasy games for the Titans wide receiver: 8 catches, 194 yards, 3 TD. Teams are stacking against the run versus the undefeated Titans and making Kerry Collins throw the ball. The 6’4” former Missouri basketball player is a good red zone target as Collins is finding out. If he’s available on the waiver wire and you’re in need of a receiver, pick him up.
WR: T.J. Houshmandzadeh(20 Points). 12 catches for 149 yards and a TD got Whosyourmama his third 20 fantasy point performance of the season. He now has at least 6 catches in every game since week 3. In points-per-receptions leagues, he’s a gold mine. It’s not even a debate in Cincy who their  #1 receiver is  anymore.
Didn’t Forget Ya: Anquan Boldin(18 Points), Dwayne Bowe(17 Points), Jabar Gaffney(16 Points), Lance Moore(16 Points).

TE:Benjamin Watson(12 Points). He had his best game of the season by far with 8 receptions for 88 yards and a TD. He only had 11 receptions, and didn’t have a TD before this game. So… probably none of you played him.
Didn’t Forget Ya: Donald Lee(9 Points).

K: Phil Dawson(21 Points).
Over 20 fantasy points for a kicker… that’s impressive. 5 for 5 on field goals, including the game-winner from 56 yards out. He’s 22/24 on the season and hasn’t missed from under 50 yards.
Didn’t Forget Ya: Neil Rackers(17 Points), Adam Vinatieri(16 Points), Mason Crosby(16 Points).

D/ST: New York Giants(17 Points). This terrific defense had their sixth game with over double-digit fantasy points. Aaron Ross had a pair of picks, one of which he took to the house.
Didn’t Forget Ya: Green Bay Packers(17 Points), Cincinnati Bengals(14 Points), Oakland Raiders, (14 Points), Philadelphia Eagles(14 Points).


QB: Philip Rivers(2 Points). Not a surprise to me as he was my QB pick to fail Sunday, and he did just that. Peyton Manning threw all over the Steelers defense the previous week, and that defense is too good to let two QB’s come into their house in consecutive weeks and throw with a lot of success. Don’t worry about Rivers, he’ll be fine, that was just a bad matchup for him. This was the first game he didn’t put up double-digit fantasy points.
QB: Donovan McNabb(9 Points). 3 interceptions against the Bengals? That might even be more surprising than him not knowing that NFL games can end in a tie.  McNabb hadn’t thrown for more than 1 INT in a game this season. At least he threw for 339 yards, but that was in 5 quarters, and only 1 passing TD in 59 pass attempts.
You Stunk Too: Matt Hasselbeck(5 Points), Jake Delhomme(7 Points) Tony Romo(7 Points).

RB: Earnest Graham(0 Points).
Although it’s not really fair since he only got 3 carries before injuring his ankle, I don’t care. Plus he only got 1 yard on those carries anyway. By the way, it sounds like he’s done for the season. So make sure to grab Warrick Dunn, and Cadillac Williams will return soon so it’s possible he could be an option for the Bucs at RB.
RB: Willis McGahee(1 Point). Like Graham, McGahee left with an ankle injury, but his was already after 9 carries for just 18 yards. It was a tough matchup for McGahee at the Giants, but fantasy owners had hopes after he ran for 112 yards and 2 TD’s in week 10.
You Stunk Too:  Ray Rice(2 Points), Tim Hightower(3 Points), Brian Westbrook(7 Points), Adrian Peterson(8 Points).

WR: Terrell Owens(3 Points). With Tony Romo returning, fantasy owners hoped TO’s production would as well. Not so. Very odd stat… this was the fifth straight game Owens had receiving yards in the 30’s, with 38 in this one. Romo’s finger was still likely a problem and Owens’ production should get back to where it should be soon.
WR: Santana Moss(2 Points). 5 catches, but for only 29 yards. After he caught 8 passes for 145 yards against Dallas in week 4, this performance surely drove his fantasy owners nuts.
You Stunk Too: Muhsin Muhammad(1 Point), Steve Breaston(1 Point), Chad Ocho Cinco(3 Points), Eddie Royal(3 Points), Marques Colston(3 Points), Bernard Berrian(4 Points), Plaxico Burress(4 Points), Steve Smith(4 Points).

TE: Jason Witten(3 Points). Like TO, Witten’s fantasy performance likely had a lot to do with a less than 100% Tony Romo. Even more infuriating for Witten owners, is that the last time he had over 5 fantasy points was week 5. A healthy Romo will get him going again.
You Stunk Too: Owen Daniels(1 Point), Bo Scaife(2 Points), Tony Gonzalez(3 Points).

K: Nick Folk(2 Points). It’s not his fault as the Cowboys as he never got a field goal attempt and only 2 extra point chances which he made. Fantasy owners were hoping the Cowboys offense would look better and therefore give Folk more chances to kick field goals or extra points.
You Stunk Too: Matt Stover(3 Points), Nate Kaeding(3 Points), Robbie Gould(3 Points).

D/ST: Chicago Bears(-5 Points). I warned my blog readers in my week 11 roundup that the Bears weren’t a great play, but  even I didn’t think they would be THIS bad. They can’t stop the pass, and after they had been terrific all year against the run, they couldn’t even stop that Sunday against the Packers(200 rushing yards allowed). 37 points allowed, no sacks, no fumble recoveries… you get the point. Ugly. Still, you should start them this upcoming Sunday against the Rams, especially with Steven Jackson and Orlando Pace already ruled out.
You Stunk Too: Baltimore Ravens(-1 Point), New England Patriots(1 Point), Jacksonville Jaguars(2 Points).

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11/19/08   |   bigtoe21178

Pat wrote:
Great job... way better than the d-bag who used to post these.

lol    thats all i have to say about that

11/18/08   |   Pat   |   5233 respect

Great job... way better than the d-bag who used to post these.

11/18/08   |   sharapovasthigh

Infector, thanks for the welcome, and yeah I'll always admit when I'm wrong.... and that will be a lot haha.
Bigtoe, I appreciate the welcome as well, thanks for the kind words.
Ary, yeah their offense will be just fine. That much time off for Romo, along with his finger obviously being a problem wearing that splint... they'll get it back together especially with that schedule, great points.

11/18/08   |   ary201   |   213 respect

way to pile on the Cowboys there at the end. Haha!

I'm willing to bet most of those players will right the fantasy ship the next two weeks with SF and Seattle at home.

11/18/08   |   bigtoe21178

  thats one hell of a list to compile. great job i think ill be seeing alot of your work on the home page hats off to ya and wellcome to faniq