FedEx Field and other Worst NFL Stadiums

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The NFC Wild Card matchup between the Washington Redskins and Seattle Seahawks provided further disappointments rather than just rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III’s below par performance due to knee injury. The field conditions at FedEx Field were a prevailing topic in many conversations this week, since generally such details are given great importance at major pro sports events.
Although viewers may have noticed the turf as a bit overly green, the real surface at the FedEx Field emerged as the game began. Under a few minutes, the mid-section of the field revealed brown patches. Many were left scratching their heads about what just happened.
Well, a video taken on Seattle Seahawks running back Michael Robinson’s phone provided all the answers. Before the game, the FedEx Field grounds crew strewed grass around the damaged turf and spray-painted it green to cover the dirt. Obviously, the cosmetic touches weren’t long-lasting.
Since, the Seattle Seahawks who won the playoffs game, have lodged an official complaint with the league about the grounds conditions at FedEx Field.
It’s hard to believe that the money being generated from the sport such a negligence is still given to the basic game standards. However, there are still some NFL teams that don’t own ideal venues. Following are the NFL stadiums that should be drastically improved or outright abandoned in an effort to maintain the game standards and fan experience.
Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA
The fact is that any team in the Northeast that goes with real grass is inevitably going to run into problems, except the Green Bay Packers, who’ve somehow managed to defy the odds.
Teams such as the Buffalo Bills, New York Giants, New York Jets, Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals have all upgraded to artificial turf according to their outdoor facilities. But there are still some like the Chicago Bears, Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns who just won’t cave-in.
While NFL Films concur that sloppy surfaces bring out the authenticity of the game, it can amplify poor field conditions.  Heinz Field fits the bill as its gained reputation for NFL’s worst fields. During a Monday Night Football game against the Miami Dolphins in 2007, the field churned so much that a punt got stuck in the mess.
Metrodome, Minneapolis, MN
Luckily the Minnesota Vikings will be out of Metrodome soon after the roof collapse incident due to heavy snowing forced the ownership and city council to hit the gas pedal on the new project.
The Metrodome took the blunt of the weather since its dome of the venue uses air-pressure to support the roof. The only other NFL team that had an air-supported roof were the Detroit Lions when they played in the Pontiac Silverdome, but they dodged that embarrassment of watching their cave cave-in.
Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, TX
Despite its state of the art facilities, Jerry Jones still missed the mark on this project.
In fact, one of the Cowboys Stadium’s pride addition the giant scoreboard, which stretches 30 yards wide and hangs from the rafters, is one of the biggest issues ruining the basic fan experience. It sure seemed like a good addition before a punt hit the gigantic screen but more importantly,  it’s a big distraction for those seated amongst the upper decks in the six decks high stadium. It’s basically in your face, and you’re paying an insane amount to watch the game on TV and making the rip to the venue.
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