Federer overwhelms Nadal in a one sided match

11/23/11 in Tennis   |   ironhide10   |   31 respect

Roger Federer absolutely destroyed Rafael Nadal in the ATP World Tour Finals to advance to the Semi-Finals of the tournament. This was by far the most clearest and the most dangerous warning that the Swiss could have issued; so say that he may be past his prime, but he has still got a lot to offer. Roger Federer is back and he is aiming for the top once more. He has gone on record saying that he wants to regain his number one status and this match was a clear indication that he means business.

 This was the 26th matchup between the two kings of the game and it was the most one sided match I have ever seen between the two. Federer had 28 winners to Nadal’s 4. This goes to show the dominance of Federer on the court last night. It wasn’t that Nadal played badly or something, but it was the mere perfectionism of Federer that was the high point of the day. Nadal had only 7 unforced errors in the match but he wasn’t able to generate any power on his forehand and had no answer to the swift and able movement of the Swiss maestro Federer. Rafa Nadal used the same tactic that he uses to great effect against Federer where he hits the majority of the balls on the weaker backhand side of Federer. But this time around the ball didn’t bounce much in the indoor court giving Federer the advantage who then pelted Nadal with his forehands on his weaker side and forced the issue. This match was over as soon as it had started in almost an hour. 6-3, 6-0 was the final score.

Federer was on song from as early as his first service game where he was belting forehands towards Nadal. Soon enough he was leading the match 4-2 without giving his serve away and having broken Nadal once in the sixth game. For the remainder of the match, he was in sublime form and he never gave Nadal and option and winners were flying in all directions from the hands Federer. Nadal had no answers to the display of fireworks; even though he tried to resist and defend, he had absolutely no clue what to do with the Swiss.

It was very impressive on the part of Federer to restrict Nadal to just 4 winners and to never let him get his game running. The second set was even more one way traffic. Federer was uncompromising and relentless. He must have last year at the back of his mind because the first set was similar to the one last year against Nadal only for Nadal to bounce back and take the match into the deciding set. Federer has suffered from lack of concentration at times and this has been his greatest problem. But last night we were witnessing something different. Federer killed the game off with a humiliating 6-0 second set to see Nadal off and finish the match to a standing ovation.

Nadal did not complain much about the match: “He has his limits, I have mine. Today my limit was there (pointing to the table), his limit wasn’t there”. As for Federer, if he continues to play this kind of tennis, there is no stopping him and he will lift the trophy this Sunday for sure.

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