Felipe Kitadai's medal breaks in the shower
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They just don't make olympic medals like they used to

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Blog Photo - Felipe Kitadai's medal breaks in the showerOlympic medals are some of the most prestigious items in all of sports. Sure, they hand out several hundred of them every few years, but they're still held in high esteem, right there with the Lombardi Trophy, the Stanley Cup, and other legendary sports championship prizes.

Brazilian judo player Felipe Kitadai won the bronze medal over the weekend, and was so excited that he wore his medal everywhere.

Seriously, everywhere. Even the shower.

Unfortunately for Kitadai, the string holding the medal around his neck broke, and the medal fell, denting it.

Clearly, they don't make the medals like they used to.

In fact, the bronze medals are almost worthless, in a purely financial sense. The actual metal in a bronze medal is worth approximately $4.71. That's about the same as an average value meal at your local fast food restaurant. Super size it, and you might have to upgrade to a silver medal.

Kitadai is working on getting a replacement medal, but in the meantime, it would be nice if the medalists got something a little nicer.

Gold medals only contain 1% actual gold. They should probably just call them copper medals, since that's what makes up most of the medal. Gold medals are worth around $644.

Am I the only one surprised by the cheapness of the metal in the medals?
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