Ferguson claims good relationship with backroom staff is essential to success

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Blog Photo - Ferguson claims good relationship with backroom staff is essential to success
After leaving the Old Trafford hot-seat this summer the former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has been revealing his secrets to success on different instances. Ferguson has been giving lectures at different places since last summer.
Now, the legendary Old Trafford boss declares that possessing a good relationship with the backroom staff is one of the keys to acquire success.
Ferguson pulled down the curtains on his career at managing Manchester United for 26 years. The Scotsman claims his feats of glory weren’t totally reliant on on-field tactics.
“Three things are very important when you are working with [backroom staff] -- work ethic, loyalty, philosophy,” Ferguson was quoted by the Daily Mirror.
“You all have to be singing the same tune, no matter how bad the tune is. It's important that your people agree with you and the way that we at United wanted to play, that was very important. A good backroom staff is vital to any manager and I had that at United.”
Ferguson also discussed his secrets of success at a UEFA coaching conference in Budapest. Ferguson discussed the problems a modern manager faces and the changes he will have to make to overcome unwanted situations.
Ferguson admitted he had to sometimes make unorthodox moves to bring the best out of a couple of players on the pitch.
“The human beings I've dealt with are far more fragile than the human beings of 30 years ago and I say that in a good sense because they're coming from better conditions,” Ferguson said.
“I couldn't lose my temper the way I did back then with people nowadays. Also, which has become very dominant in the English game, is the culture of players from different countries.
“At United I think there are people from 20 different nationalities and that's a challenge because people from different cultures have to be addressed.
“You have to make sure that they are comfortable in their environment because it's a results industry and you need to get the best out of them.”
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