Fergusonís son and Fabio Capello reveal reasons behind Sir Alexís retirement

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Blog Photo - Fergusonís son and Fabio Capello reveal reasons behind Sir Alexís retirementIt was pretty obvious already, but Sir Alex Ferguson’s son Darren has confirmed that ill health had nothing to do with the legendary Scotsman’s retirement. Sir Alex Ferguson retired from as manager of Manchester United earlier this week without giving media much reason behind his decision.
The 71-year-old was expected to miss Manchester United’s preseason tour and possibly the starting few games of the Premier League next season because of a hip operation, which is scheduled for this summer.
Darren Ferguson, who is the manager of Peterborough, informed that his father only stepped down from the Old Trafford hot-seat because he felt it was the right time to do so.
“He spoke to us, he felt it was the right time. We all sort of abided by that, there were no issues,” Darren Ferguson told twentyfour7football.com. “There's no problem with his health, contrary to what some people are saying. He's got a small hip operation but there's no difference to most 71-year-olds there and so it's not a health decision.
“Basically he feels he's gone out at the right time, he's left the club in a fantastic position, very healthy, they've hired a very good manager to replace him.
“The main reason is he's got a lot of outside things. If he didn't, there'd be worries because when people retire that's when you can have ill-health – when you don't keep yourself occupied.”
Sir Alex Ferguson has been on the cusp of retirement a couple of times in the last two decades. In his 26-year long as the manager of Manchester United, the Scotsman has twice given his fans a heart-attack by announcing retirement.
Last season, when Sir Alex Ferguson was questioned about his retirement plans the gaffer responded by saying that he had no reason to retire since he was in “ruddy good health”. Media and fans, who have often joked about Sir Alex Ferguson finding the Fountain of Youth, took a good laugh from the incident.
Meanwhile, Fabio Capello, the former manager of England claims Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement came through because of the intense stress and the Scotsman’s insatiable hunger to win. The Italian boss told reporters that he called Sir Alex Ferguson yesterday and talked about his retirement decision.
“I called him yesterday and he told me he has decided to go now because there is too much stress nowadays,” Fabio Capello said. “Always having to win something is very challenging, and he told me he wanted to go around the world with his wife.”
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i bet there are other reasons as well.