Fernando Alonso happy over “positive weekend” – Another podium finish for Ferrari

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Blog Photo - Fernando Alonso happy over “positive weekend” – Another podium finish for Ferrari
Marina Bay showed how slow Ferrari can be on a track built for speed. Nonetheless, for Fernando Alonso Singapore was another chapter of success in his attempt to win his third World Championship.
The Formula One veteran battled with Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel and McLaren’s Jenson Button for the top spot during most of the race. In the end, the Sebastian Vettel grabbed first place and Jenson Button came in second.
Fernando Alonso had to settle in for third, but the 31-year-old Spaniard was very happy and satisfied with his achievement. In a press conference after the race, Fernando Alonso told reporters that Ferrari wasn’t at its best this weekend. Fernando Alonso also admitted Ferrari’s pace problems.
“Yes, definitely. I think we were not very competitive this weekend so we struggled a little with the pace of the car and yesterday we managed to put a good lap in Q3 and that was a little bit the best part of the weekend,” Fernando Alonso said. “Because if you start at the rear I think you are having problems all the race, so starting in fifth, it was OK. Then the start was so-so.”
“We lost position with di Resta and then we recovered in first and second corner, and then we fight a little bit with Maldonado so I think the safety car arrive in the worst moment for us because we have stopped and changed the tires five laps before the safety car, so we didn’t have the pitstop for free like the others did. So, it was, I think with all these difficulties, if we put altogether, arriving third in our difficult weekend is for sure a fantastic result in terms of points.”
Fernando Alonso hasn’t won a single race since Germany, still he is on top of the Drivers Standings with 194 points to his name.
Fernando Alonso also talked about Lewis Hamilton, who has been trying to overthrow the Spaniard from the top of the Driver Standings. The Briton picked a win at Monza, but had to quit the race in Singapore after just 22 Laps because of a faulty gearbox.
The former 2005 and 2005 World Champion believes Ferrari produced good results this weekend even if his car wasn’t the fastest on the track.
“Yes, again I think it’s a very positive weekend,” Fernando Alonso said. “A very good weekend. Of the four or five contenders, we lost points with one, with the other three we increased our advantage, so obviously, as I said, when we are not quick enough to win more points against three of our opponents, I think it’s positive.”
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