First Week of Football In November ... Time To Separate The Men from the Boys

November: Separating Contender from Pretenders

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September and October are great months. Summer is over and the NFL is kicking off. Everyone has a shot. Regardless of your favorite team, you get that feeling of "maybe we can shock the world." Week one comes, two, three....etc, and the league starts to take shape. The Football gods, the harsh realism of "man, my team sucks." is here and about 5-10 teams realize that yet again, it just isn't our year.

With Halloween coming and going, it is time to welcome in November. The month of the football season that shows who is for real and who is a flash in the pan. The first half of the season is over and the majority of the league has played eight games and have eight to go. Unless you are at that magical FOUR win mark, this season may as well have ended with that last piece of Reece's you gave away on Thursday night.

There are a few teams at four wins who we are still figuring out. The San Diego Chargers, New York Jets, Carolina Panthers, Miami Dolphins, Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals. Who are they? November will either be a brisk, awaking and a holiday playoff push, or a dark, cold month. We will find out rather soon.

For teams like the New England Patriots, Cincinnati Bengals, Indianapolis Colts, Kansas City Chiefs, Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints, Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers, November will be about positioning. Can the Chiefs cement themselves as a serious contender? (I know ... they are the leagues ONLY undefeated team but lets be honest ... do you SERIOUSLY trust them?) Can the Colts stomp on the throats of their AFC South friends? How about the Packers, Seahawks, Saints and 49ers? Who wants those two BYES? Are the Patriots a serious threat? Is Andy Dalton the guy who had the 5 TD's vs the Jets or the 3 INT's vs the Dolphins? We'll find out this month.

So as we are just three hours away from kicking off the second half of the NFL season and the month of November, we will find out a WHOLE LOT in the next four-five weeks. Who is your team? It's November Contender/Pretender month. Don't be left in the cold.
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