Five Ways For Golf Fans To Carry On Without Tiger Woods

We Can Get Through This Together

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Tiger Woods is golf. Plain and simple. Whether you're one of those who root for him week after week, or those that can't stand the constant attention and hope someone knocks him off, he's the reason many pay attention to the sport.

Never in his career has Woods missed a major golf championship, so surely there will be a deep void left by his absence at the PGA Championship, British Open and into the fall with the Ryder and Fed Ex Cups.

Fear not, golf fans, there's plenty to hold you over until Tiger returns in '09.

1. Learn To Stretch With Natalie Gulbis
You knew this was going to be here, and even though you've seen these photos hundreds of times, are you really that disappointed? You need Natalie more than ever during this tough stretch, and if she can't pull through for us with regular top finishes, at least she can teach you how to not pull a muscle.

If she contributes nothing else to this world, golf stretching awareness is good enough.

2. Sergio Garcia Final Round Drinking Game

Should El Nino make it to Sunday in contention at one of the final two majors, and I assure you he will, we'll be privy to a classic Sergio Garcia collapse. Why just sit there and laugh, drink!

Take 1 drink to begin, because he's likely wearing pants that are too tight.
Take 1 drink when his opening drive misses the fairway.

Take 1 drink every time he shakes his head in disgust at his club, as if it were to blame.
Take 1 shot for each shot over par on the back nine. Giddy up.
Take 1 drink for each putt on the 18th hole.
Take 1 drink for each place he fell in the standings. Finish your beer.
Lastly, if you can accurately guess which object he blames his failure on, make your friends replenish your fridge.

3. Watch Perry Swanson on The Golf Channel's "Road Trip: Myrtle Beach"
We're not entirely sure what the show is about, but it's about golf and includes Perry. Sold. (HT: TBL)

4. The British Open Doesn't Need Tiger Woods... It's The Open

If you love golf, you love the Open. That's the one tournament where I'm more mesmerized by the course, conditions and history than anything Tiger Woods could ever pull off. This year's setting, Royal Birkdale, is one of the finest golf has to offer. Its rolling hills may not be as magnificent as, say, Natalie Gulbis, but trust me, you're not going to miss Tiger during the third weekend in July.

5. College Football Is Only 69 Days Away

If the fights songs, pads hitting and sideline talent can't get you through the fall you have more issues than Milton Bradley and Sidney Ponson combined. We're almost there...
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6/22/08   |   Lemberger84

The LPGA is starting to look mighty good.

6/22/08   |   stunnin_ch

hiiiiii  how are you thnx kteer 3alla mesg byeeeeeeeeeeee

6/21/08   |   NittanyJon   |   246 respect

Can't get enough of the SC cheerleaders - Sweaters or no sweaters. As Marv Albert would say, "...........YES!"