Five busted plays shaping Jetsí loss

11/25/12 in NFL   |   IvanRogers   |   1352 respect

The New England posted a strong offensive performance that put an end to the New York Jets’ miserable season with a 49-19 loss. The New York Jets’ never stood a chance and by halftime the matchup was merely laughable.
Following are the five plays that shaped the New York Jets’ second home game loss this season with over a 30 point deficit:
1. The trap: The New England Patriots set Mark Sanchez up for an damaging interception in the end zone. The New York Jets could have gone for an easy drive but Mark Sanchez threw an in-cut to wide receiver Jermey Kerley on second-and-6 from the 23. However, the New England Patriots were one step ahead as backside safety Steve Gregory came in for an interception. It was the start of the New England Patriots’ scoring streak that put the New York Jets at three-point deficit when the score stood at 0-0.
2. Stuffed turkey: This play set the New York Jets on the path of irreversible catastrophe. Although Rex Ryan made the right call on the New York Jets’ next possession with the ball on a on a fourth-and-1 from the New England Patriots 31-yardline.  But New York Jets running back Shonn Green went off right guard and fumbled for a no-gain, while linebacker Jerode Mayo dodged a block by New England Patriots Fullback Lex Hillard for a tackle in the gap. Ultimately Steve Gregory recovered the ball for the New England Patriots.
3. Vereen rolls-up to end zone: The New England Patriots running back Shane Vereen scored on an 83-yard touchdown pass to bring the score up to 14-0. Although the New York Jets were in Cover-3, the New England Patriots busted the coverage with Shane Vereen running a wheel route to roll in untouched into the end zone.
4. The Sanchez fumble: New York Jets starting quarterback Mark Sanchez was supposed to pass the ball to Lex Hillard on a quick-hitting running play at the second down. However, Mark Sanchez made a wrong turn and was back-slammed by New England Patriots right guard Brandon Moore. Steve Gregory recovered the ball and scored a touchdown on a 32-yard run to leave the New York Jets further into a 21-point deficit.
5. McKnight letdown: Joe McKnight, arguably one of the league’s best returners lost the ball on the following kickoff. The 24-year-old Joe McKnight fumbled the ball on a hit by Devin McCourtney. It dramatically flew into the air and was caught by New England Patriots’ Julian Edelman, who dashed for 22 yards for additional scoring points and leading his team by 28-points over a still score-less New York Jets.
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