Five key notes for New York Giants to make an impact in 2012 season

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The New York Giants are closing in on the season with just six games left on their schedule. Starting Sunday the New York Giants will attempt to eradicate their two-game losing streak after returning from their bye week. However, before they commence back to their NFL routine, the New York Giants will have to pay heed to the five following issues to succeed this season.

More efficiency in the red

Since the start of the season, the New York Giants offense has shown inefficiency in the red zone. It’s been an overriding issue over through every single loss as that came down to the New York Giants offense’s inability to settle for a field goal or score a touchdown from close range. During 41 plays made inside the opponent’s 20-yard line, the New York Giants have scored 18 touchdowns and made 21 field goals.

Additionally, during the New York Giants’ past 23 goal-to-go possession Lawrence disappointed an astounding eight times with chip shots. However, offensive coordinator guaranteed that the New York Giants are looking around the league to “galvanize” ideas regarding the issue.

Pressure the quarterback

The pass rush which was supposed to be the New York Giants defense’s strongest component has fallen short ever since opponents started responding with quick passes, fortifying the offensive line (to protect the quarterback) and moving targets in athletic quarterbacks. The New York Giants had just one quarterback sack against the Cincinnati Bengals. Although the New York Giants have 25 sacks (tied for ninth rank in league), they are slowly trending towards other than key defensive ends to take those sacks.

Bring in Phillips and Williams

Jacquian Williams and Kenny Phillips are amongst the New York Giants’ top athletes, but for the past month they’ve established a nook on the sidelines.

While Stevie Brown has been putting up a commendable performance, he lacks Kenny Phillips’ playmaking skills. Although Jacquian Williams isn’t the conventional starting material, he offers versatility in effective coverage of receivers and rushing the passer. And considering the competition ahead the New York Giants need a successful defense against tight ends which again brings Jacquian Williams and Kenny Phillips into the equation.

Shorten the field on special teams

The long fields have been a contributing factor in the New York Giants’ offensive struggles during the last few games. David Wilson hasn’t had a kickoff return for more than 33 yards in over a month, and the during the past four games the New York Giants scored two touchdowns for under 70 yards drives.

The punt return game hasn’t fared well considering rookie Rueben Randle made one more fair catches than his 12 returns, and the longest return was for 18 yards. The entire specials teams isn’t collaborating well and ultimately costing the New York Jets field position. The offense on the end can be reinforced by cutting back the distance traveled to half.

Notes from last year

 Around this time last season, the New York Giants boasted the same 6-4 record as their current W-L. And the New York Giants further plummeted into the depths of disappointment (7-7) before making a U-turn and winning the Super Bowl.

The recent loss to Cincinnati Bengalis highlighted a similar low point for the New York Giants’ this season. The New York Giants need to rally again into the playoffs for a little déjà vu.

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