Five questions surrounding the Washington Redskins in Week 7

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  1. Can the Washington Redskins make three in a row?
While the Washington Redskins crushed the Big Blues last season, it didn’t halt the New York Giants advances towards the Super Bowl and failed to land the Burgundy and Gold a spot in the playoffs. However, last season two victories provided valuable insight into the Washington Redskins’ capabilities of running the ball and simultaneously countering the New York Giants’ offense.
But now that the New York Giants are returning from a sweeping victory against the San Francisco 49ers, and have already busted the Carolina Panthers offense that heavily relies on the zone-read option, they just might have unraveled the Washington Redskins’ offensive scheme.
  1. Was the Washington Redskins defense at the edge of a miraculous transformation last week?
What’s been clearly evident so far through the current season is that the Washington Redskins defense had stopped the run, if you don’t count their lone game against eth Minnesota Vikings. While they’ve forced turnovers over the course of the season, the pass rush game still varies like a tropical tide, and they’ve failed to produce on big plays. Last weeks’ success can be handed out to the Washington Redskins’ rotating linebackers Lorenzo Alexander and Keenan Robinson and Mario Addison in different nickelback scheme. The coaches also made timely defensive play calls.
  1. Can the Washington Redskins defense survive on turnovers alone?
It’s a very risk working scheme. The Washington Redskins lack the consistency into forcing rivals offenses in for turnovers. However, there’s hope that the Washington Redskins may be able to maintain this aspect of the defense as well since the team previously made six interceptions on New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning and giving-in just one pass for a touchdown under defensive coordinator Jim Haslett.
  1. Will Robert Griffin III make big plays?
Let’s not forget that who’s come through with big plays at several high-pressure moments for the Washington Redskins. Robert Griffin III play-making skills and calculations shone through to the surface the most against the Minnesota Vikings. However, Robert Griffin III is still leaving plays on the gridiron. However, the rookie has potential and his plays making skills will improve, adding to the offense’s success.
  1. The anticipated return of Pierre Garcon?
Well, there’ still no word on that front.
The Washington Redskins receiver Pierre Garcon’ physicality and blocking capabilities could have made a huge impact, while his skills would have complimented by Joshua Morgan’s efforts last week. Its was evident that Leonard Hankerson was struggling at blocking during the game. The Washington Redskins offense will indisputably struggle to make an explosive start without their top receivers on field to make some big plays against the New York Giants.
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