Flight Of The Phoenix

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With one week to go in the month, I've left myself plenty of work to do. It's going to be a long climb just to get back to respectability, but I love a challenge. Let's get this party started!



THE NBA (4-6 last night, 29-22 for the week and 99-105 so far for the month)



SU WINNERS (8-2 last night, 29-20 for the week and 111-87 so far for the month)

Heat, LAKERS, GRIZZLIES, Pistons, KNICKS, MAVS and Blazers



TOTALS (5-5 last night, 28-23 for the week and 112-92 so far for the month)

OVERS - Suns/MAVS (200) and Blazers/CLIPPERS (192)

UNDERS - Heat/CELTICS (187 1/2), Thunder/LAKERS (206 1/2), Hornets/GRIZZLIES (178 1/2), Pistons/MAGIC (194 1/2) and Hawks/KNICKS (191 1/2)



BUTTA (0-2 last night, 3-6 for the week and 12-19 so far for the month)

Heat (-165) over CELTICS - I'm not saying the Celts won't keep this game within the (-3 1/2) that's hung on the Heat right now, but we've all seen the demise of this team over the last several games. It would seem that if this game is close, it will be mostly because the Heat didn't come to play. That, of course, is always a possibility with The Champs, but over 4 quarters, the C's just haven't shown they can hang with anybody, let alone the "big boys" of the league. Heat 88, CELTICS 83




1. LAKERS (+3 1/2) vs. Thunder - The Lakers win streak is up to 1 in a row now, but there's something about this team that they have always seemed to perform well in the nationally televised games. LAKERS 105, Thunder 99

2. GRIZZLIES (-7 1/2) over Hornets - The Griz are playing free and easy since the trade that ensured Rudy Gay would remain in the fold, and they've totally demolished their last 2 opponents. It looks like more of the same, but they don't call it "The Grindhouse" for nothing. And with a game tomorrow night in Philly, it wouldn't surprise me if the Stingers give the Griz a bit of a run here. We'll see how things go with the Heat this afternoon, but I'm thinking I might get creative by pairing the Griz with the Mavs on a moneyline parlay if I'm feeling it later on. GRIZZLIES 94, Hornets 77

3. Pistons (+2) at MAGIC - A bit of a "teachable moment" here. When you see a number so short hung on a home team, one of 2 things is usually in play: Either The Book has totally discounted the home team's home court edge because there really isn't one, or that edge has been factored into the number. If the latter is the case, The Book is telling us that it actually believes the visitor is the better team. In the case of this matchup, I can't argue with the latter assessment. Pistons 98, MAGIC 94

4. KNICKS (-6 1/2) over Hawks - One would think that the Knicks might show a little fire tonight and try to make amends for last night's woeful performance in Philly when it seemed as though they gave up the game as a lost cause after halftime. I was hoping for a bit of a smaller number here, so I'm not interested at all in what's being offered. KNICKS 93, Hawks 82

5. Suns (+7) at MAVS - The Suns ran with the Spurs for most of last night's game, but collapsed in the 4th quarter. They're also not a good b2b team this season either, going only 1-5 so far in those situations on the road. The Mavs haven't been a great bargain so far this season, but they have won 5 of their last 7 games with the only losses in that stretch coming against the Thunder in OT and the Spurs on Friday night. Dallas has also won 8 of the last 9 meetings with the Suns, so maybe this becomes the 2nd prong of the moneyline parlay discussed above. MAVS 105, Suns 102

6. Blazers (+6 1/2) at CLIPPERS - The Blazers were a (-1 1/2) on their home court last night against the Clips. So what I'm supposed to believe is that the Clips home floor swings the number by 8 points? I'm not buying that at all with what I've seen out of the Clips lately. Blazers 98, CLIPPERS 97



COLLEGE HOOPS (2-2 ATS, 2-1 SU & 2-2 TOTALS yesterday, 3-2 ATS, 3-1 SU & 3-2 TOTALS for the week and 5-3 ATS, 5-2 SU & 4-4 TOTALS so far for the month. BUTTA: 1-0 so far for the month)

Fla.-Int'l (+5, U143 1/2) at S. ALABAMA - S. 'Bama went on the road and beat FIU by 11 points earlier in the season, but FIU has won 7 of it's last 8 games. S. ALABAMA 66, Fla.-Int'l 63



When you take the BUTTA from the NBA and college hoops and put them with the 5-1 with college football and 2-4 in the NFL so far for the month, you see that, at 20-24, it's going to be a bit of a battle to get back into things and a territory where I'm much more comfortable. You know what they say about the longest journey though. Have a great Sunday, and I'll see you tomorrow.

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