Florida Football Player Jamar Hornsby Uses Dead Girl's Credit Card
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From The 'Athletes Are Idiots' File, I Bring You Jamar Hornsby

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There are some days when I wake up and say to myself, 'man, will there be anything to blog about today?' Then I remember that most athletes are complete and utter idiots, and I know the day will be fine.

The idiot athlete of the day is Jamar Hornsby, who did something that would disgust even Doug Gottlieb. Gottlieb is of course famous for stealing his roommate's credit card at Notre Dame and charging $900 to it. But Hornsby decided to take it one step further.

Hornsby allegedly charged close to $3,000 on a credit card issued to Ashley Slonina, a University of Florida student who died in an October 2007 motorcycle accident in which walk-on Florida football player, Michael Guilford, also was killed. And here's the creepy thing, the card abuse began on Oct. 13, 2007, the day after Slonina's death.

Man, at least Gottlieb stole a credit card from a living person.

Anyway, after a warrant was issued for Hornsby's arrest yesterday, he surrendered today on charges of credit card theft and fraudulent use of a credit card.

And naturally when someone does something like use a dead person's credit card for 6 months, they of course have a clean record. Oh wait, no.

In April of 2007, Hornsby was cited on a misdemeanor criminal mischief charges when he tossed a man on a hood of a car during a fight, causing about $750 in damages.

He was also suspended five games last season for selling free football tickets he received as a student.

Something tells me Urban Meyer is going to kick this guy off the team, unless of course he's a critical player that Florida desperately needs to compete. Then he'd probably get a stern lecture about how you shouldn't do bad stuff or something, and then told to get back on the field. That'll teach him.
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5/11/08   |   badsam1956

When I was in college at Mississippi State we had a certain high profile DB that went on to play in the NFL. Another student was showing up and taking his place in classes. He was supposed to be in one of my business classes, but when I looked for him, well he wasn't there.
My point is student athlete is only real for the athlete that wants an education and not a career in pro sports. The whole system is corrupt and needs to be either revamped to protect true student that is also an athlete, or revamped to allow for some kind of paid athlete to perform for the school. What we have today are thugs thinly veiled as students because they can run the 40 at 4.5 with a TV under their arm.

5/10/08   |   ntimid8

He was a second string nobody, and according to Meyer he is no longer part of the team...yet another prime example of "wasted potential talent". At least we still have Tebow and Harvin!

5/9/08   |   r_j68

The Bengals and Cowboys are fighting for draft rights in next years draft, understanding that he will be suspended 2 years per the commish

5/9/08   |   Fat

Is this guy eligible for the NFL Supplemental Draft yet?  The Bengals need him bad!!!

5/9/08   |   CriticalFanatic

Florida will try to compete with Tennessee at everything ... even arrests.