Florida Gators remove Aaron Hernandez All-American brick

The Florida Gators are just going to pretend Aaron Hernandez never existed

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Blog Photo - Florida Gators remove Aaron Hernandez All-American brick

There's nothing like a little revisionist history to try to erase all the wrongs that were done in the past.

Today's example: The Florida Gators got rid of the brick commemorating Hernandez's First-Team All-American season in 2009.

There are a few problems with this.

For starters, THAT SEASON HAPPENED. No matter how much the Florida Gators try to disassociate themselves with Hernandez, the fact is that he played there, and he was an extremely good player. He played a huge part in their offense, and was a contributor to some great teams. Removing the brick doesn't suddenly erase the facts of what actually happened. Nor does it bring back Odin Lloyd, the man whom Hernandez is accused of killing.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this brick was not celebrating Aaron Hernandez's off-field activities. That brick had nothing to do with his alleged criminal activities. The Florida athletic association released a statement saying, among other things, that "we didn't feel it was appropriate to celebrate Aaron Hernandez."

If anything, I think it's inappropriate NOT to at least recognize what he did there. Just like you did with everyone else who had a similar playing career. You're not celebrating his criminal activity. You're celebrating his catches, touchdowns, and Florida wins.

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. Hernandez's career happened. So did Odin Lloyd's death. You can't erase it. So don't bother trying.

Blog Photo - Florida Gators remove Aaron Hernandez All-American brick
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that's some nice works.