Florida Marlins Reliever Logan Kensing: Death From Above

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In an age where Michael Vick is in jail for dogfighting, and golfer Tripp Isenhour's killing of a hawk with a golf ball may put him there as well, we naturally have other guys roaming free and killing animals at will - from a helicopter, with high-powered rifles. Makes sense, by which I mean, not really.

Yep, Florida Marlins reliever Logan Kensing is an off-season rancher who finds it rewarding to track wild hogs, coyotes, slow moving Democrats and deer from a helicopter hovering over his native Texas, then gun them down from above.

That kind of reminds me of something.

I wonder if he plays "Rise of the Valkyries" as he chases down those hogs. By the way, here's a video of Kensing describing what it's like to gun down Charlie animals from the sky.

As you can guess, a few people are none to happy about this little endeavor of Kensing's. The Palm Beach County Environmental Coalition, which conveniently saw 27 of its own members arrested in a protest last month, sent a strongly worded letter to Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria.
"They [Florida Marlins] have 10 days from Monday to reprimand the player for behavior that isn't one of a role model. If they don't, we will be persistent. We'll infiltrate the fans and pull out signs. We'll picket. If we're willing to have 27 people arrested, it's obvious we're committed."
Man, the war analogies just keep getting easier and easier. Infiltrating the fans? But the more important question here is, do the Marlins even have any fans?

Anyway, I hope Kensing keeps it up, just to add some spice to the Marlins' season. It would be fun to see an environmental group go commando to heckle an MLB pitcher.

By the way, in my opinion, hunting hogs from a helicopter is kind of unfair. I much prefer hunting them inside a large, low-fence enclosure like this kid did.

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Death From Above 1979 is a good band.

Anyone who will go with Albuquerque's favorite Meth cooker for his avatar obviously has good taste. So kudos sir, kudos.

3/10/08   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

What do you know about surfing, you're from Jersey City!


Why do I feel that he is the right person to be on a team in Florida.