Florida linebacker arrested for barking at police dog (UPDATED)

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The prevBlog Photo - Florida linebacker arrested for barking at police dogailing belief, whether true or not, is that football players get arrested too much. Not helping that perception is Florida linebacker Antonio Morrison, who was arrested last night for the second time in 5 weeks. That first arrest was for battery after allegedly punching a nightclub bouncer. This one was quite a bit stranger...barking at a police dog.

To quote (via Deadspin) the arrest report:

Morrison "walked up to the open window" of a police car, and "made barking sounds in the window where my K9 partner Bear was located." Cops then tried to detain Morrison using handcuffs, which he resisted. Morrison also "spontaneously stated several times that he made a 'woof-woof' sound at the dog because the dog barked at him," and was "advised" by the officer that "distracting the canine by barking at him prevents him doing his job properly."

This was at almost 4 am outside a nightclub in Gainesville. In a vacuum, this is merely a drunk college kid doing something stupid drunk college kids do. In conjuction to the other arrest, well, we'll see. Morrison was expected to start for the Gators this year. One thing's for sure, he has the lead in Weirdest Arrest of the Year.

UPDATE: Per the Twitter account of GatorZone Football, Morrison has been suspended for 2 games. Florida starts the season vs. Toledo and at Miami.
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smiley as my little dog said when I told him about this story... ruff ruff,,,,,i need to go for a walk!!!!