Floyd Mayweather Jr. Says He Wants To Fight Manny Pacquiao

This Fight Might Just Make Boxing Semi-Relevant Again. Mayweather Says He Wants To Fight Pacquiao.

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I used to watch a fair amount of boxing back in the days when it was prominently featured on Showtime and HBO. Eventually, it just kind of slipped off my list of things to do. Perhaps that was because Mike Tyson sort of slipped a bit too, or say a lot. Either way, about the time Tyson became irrelevant was about the time I stopped tuning into boxing.

Since that time, MMA has filled the gap. And that's not just for me personally, that's pretty much true for the entire sports landscape. In fact, MMA's gotten so big that people haven't just put boxing on death's doorstep, they've already buried it 6-feet deep.

But that may change, at least for a few months. Word out of Floyd Mayweather's camp is that the man who is "retired" at 39-0 as the best living boxer in the world, wants to fight Manny Pacquiao.
Janelle Mayweather, the boxer’s cousin, told family members he called her early Sunday morning — moments after Manny Pacquiao’s stirring win over Oscar De La Hoya on Saturday night in Las Vegas — and stated his hopes to fight again and reunite with his father.

“My niece said my son told her he wanted to fight Pacquiao next, and that he wants me to train him for the fight,” Mayweather Sr. said.

Just for the record, Pacquiao's camp has always said they'd be open to scheduling a fight with Mayweather.

Now, this isn't a classic heavyweight bout, but it would be the best matchup in boxing in literally the last decade or even the last two decades. Mayweather was considered the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world when he retired while Pacquiao currently holds that distinction.

This fight will also produce exactly what Mayweather loves: money. Yes, the jackass known for making it rain with fake Benjamins and turkeys loves money, and if he agrees to the fight, he'll have it dumped on his front lawn in truckloads.

This fight would also be extremely compelling for another reason. Pacquiao is a very classy fighter, and overall an incredibly swell guy. Mayweather, meanwhile, is a complete and utter sh**head who's about the most pompous piece of crap in the world. It creates a beautiful marriage of good versus evil on the grand stage, and a chance for someone to finally put Mayweather's cocky ass on the mat. By the way, guess who I'll be rooting for?

Will this fight save boxing? No, you need multiple epic bouts to bring boxing completely back from the dead. But this fight, if it happens, will at least resusitate it for a good long while.

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4/18/09   |   bhopp4p1

BluDevil wrote:
Too bad this won't happen because Hatton will stop Pac Man on 5/2.

I hope so.

4/16/09   |   BluDevil   |   618 respect

Too bad this won't happen because Hatton will stop Pac Man on 5/2.

2/9/09   |   youngkingjordan

floyd would out box him !  pac man tends to get to wild while mayweather sticks to the game plan and gets the W! BUT  if anybody were to beat floyd mayweather it would be manny ! but my money is still on mayweather he has to much defence for manny !

12/25/08   |   dgreater111782

We can't say who'll win for sure until they fight. Just look at De La Hoya vs Pacquiao. Almost everyone said De La Hoya has the upper hands. If so, explain to me why the hell was he battered like it was a one way fight for Pacquaio? Was it due to the training? His age? His what? For all we know, the fight happened, and the fight was won by someone they call a "total underdog."

Those who strongly believe that they can will do it! That's the human spirt! That is Fighting Spirit! Hajime no Ippo!

What the crap am I spouting about...

12/12/08   |   damon88128

(Edited by damon88128)

yeah JM Marquez is a threat but he is a realistic opponent than floyd. and i believe manny and oscar fought at 147 lbs (welterweight i think). from 135lbs i don't think he can gain 19-20 lbs and still be as fast as he is right now. Nate Campbell is the right choice i think. he got good records, and the belts. if manny can beat him, he can unified the belts at lightweight. Ricky Hatton is also a good opponent but if manny can choose opponent, i believe he should choose a tough opponent w/ belts and good records and thats JM Marquez or Nate Campbell :)

12/10/08   |   oryentalsil

I don't think that its good for Manny to make a rematch with JM Marquez... he is a threat for me...

Isn't it that the "Dela Hoya-Pacquiao" match is at MIDDLE-WEIGHT?

Ricky Hatton is a good opponent for Manny...
Nate Campbell? Not good, Manny would need to shake his fats away...

Floyd is the best one, a cocky man w/c everyone would like to place their bets on,
if Manny would lose, it would not be a shameful loss... Floyd is has a good record...
if Manny wins, he would have pulled off a pair of horn...

Philippines versus America YEAH MEN!

12/10/08   |   dylene_3_2_3

i'm a filipino and here in the philippines people are celebrating it for almost a week before the euphoria of manny winning over oscar de la hoya fades.. and this(the fight) gives filipino a sense of pride of being a filipino...we are very proud that mayweather gives great importance to pacquio to the point of asking a fight from him.. if this bout will materializes we will still support a new found hero of our nation...MANNY "PACMAN" PACQUIAO

12/9/08   |   damon88128

I'm a filipino so it's obvious that i will be rooting for manny to win it all but as far as sports fans concern, this match is not ideal for pacman. mayweather may be cocky but he can sure box and he's also fast. the reason manny win against dela hoya is because delya hoya is not moving but mayweather can use his feet not as fast as manny uses his speed but still he can.

POWER: mayweather > manny
SPEED: manny > floyd (slightly)
REACH: floyd > manny

and knowing how mayweather box, i believe he wants to proved to the world that manny is not the best (coz he is cocky he wants the best and manny is the best right now) i believe he would use his power to knocked manny down. He is also physically gifted that he's body can take blows.

mayweather = middleweight
manny = lightweight

i don't think manny can box and still be as fast as he is right now at superwelterweight... while floyd, since he hasn't box for a long time its easier for him to lose weight or should i say he's body right now are fit for welterweight.

Overall i don't think its a good idea to fight mayweather just because he wants to. right now manny is the money man in boxing! he can choose any opponent he wants! their camp should choose wisely and prevents those unneccesary things.

Ricky Hatton
Nate Campbell
JM Marquez

he should fight these guys instead :D

12/9/08   |   oryentalsil

if Mayweather would need to beef down(lose some weight),  and Manny  would beef up for their match...

I would say that MANNY HAS 70% chance of winning...
just like what happened in the dela hoya-pacquiao match...

12/9/08   |   SexyMami28

         Go  Jr  go !!

12/9/08   |   bhopp4p1

This would be an AWESOM fight!!! Pac-man is the new P4P King, but my $$$ is on Mayweather!!!

I'm with you. 

12/9/08   |   stlbudlite14

How about them fighting in Manila, Phillippines......Thrilla in Manila 2??? Was that the first one  with Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali? Should be big there! Whatch you playas think?

12/9/08   |   matto214

yeah it abt Mayweather! I will bet on him to winner all maybe KO on Pacquiao!

12/9/08   |   akfak_retlaw

And as far as boxing being dead, Pacquiao was able to get $11 Million and DLH was able to get $30 Million in a non title fight in a weight class neither are currently fighting. Yes, Boxing may be ridiculous, but dead... no.

12/9/08   |   akfak_retlaw

Your source is Flyod Sr.!?!? you have been away from boxing a long time. Flyod Sr. will never train Jr. and this story isn't credible until you get a better source than Sr.

12/9/08   |   guylake   |   321 respect

(Edited by guylake)

Please let this fight happen. I would gladly host and, yes, pay whatever onerous fee is required, just for the pleasure of seeing this go down. This would be far more compelling than the Mayweather-Hatton bout of a year ago. Wait...I need to get my wife's permission first? It's still on!