Football Helmet Guitars Rock! Well, Not Really.

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Sports and music have an interesting relationship. When combined properly, they're a great duo. But when combined poorly, they're a complete nightmare.

This invention is probably in the later category.

While the majority of us this weekend were watching the more than decent Championship Games, the Helmet Guitar was making its official debut at the National Association of Music Manufacturers trade show in Anaheim, California.

What the hell is a Helmet Guitar, you ask? It's your worst nightmare, be you a music buff or a sports buff. Or a good taste buff.

As you can see, it's basically a helmet attached to guitar neck. And look, the tone knobs sort of look like where you'd strap in your chinstrap. Well played Helmet Guitar, well played.

But despite my previous warnings, you're probably still thinking, this guitar can help me score some ladies or cheerleaders or some sexy crossbreed of the two, right? Well, you know my answer, but let's let the company explain where this guitar gets the most pull:

The spirit of the game comes alive in an amazing new electric guitar that will have you rockin' all the way from your rec room at home, college dorm, tail gate party, to the Superbowl after party!

Wow, my mistake, I can see the girls lining up already, especially when I play "Fly, Eagles, Fly" with an extended solo. But if you think the embarrasment fun stops there, you're wrong. The guitar also comes with - you guessed it - football picks.

But if you really want to impress everyone, take off the facemask to go old-school style, and take off your shirt too.

Nothing can stop you now, you know, except common sense.
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