Forget Texas, Don't Mess With Michigan or Wisconsin

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Michigan and Wisconsin as states have been DOMINATING the sports landscape this fall. Turns out they're not all cheese heads and Ohio State haters.

Michigan residents have a lot to be happy about. The Detroit Tigers just knocked off the AL favorite New York Yankees to advance to the ALCS. The Tigers take on the Texas Rangers tonight at 8:05 on Fox to start the series. The Detroit Lions have stepped up to make some waves in the NFL, being one of two undefeated teams at 4-0. The Lions take on the Bears in Monday Night Football at home at 8:30 on ESPN. Lions, Tigers, and Bears. I mean Wolverines. The Michigan Wolverines are also undefeated (5-0), and they head to Northwestern to take on the Wildcats today at 7:00pm on the Big Ten Network. As a side note: Michigan State is also repping the state fairly well with a 4-1 record. The Spartans have the week off and then face Michigan.

Wisconsin, however, is giving Michigan a run for their money. With an overtime win last night, the Brewers defeated the Diamondbacks and are headed to the NLCS. The Brewers face the St. Louis Cardinals starting tomorrow at 4:05 on Fox. The Green Bay Packers are the other remaining undefeated team in the NFL. They will head to Atlanta to take on the Falcons tomorrow at 8:20pm on NBC. Finally, Wisconsin has been ROLLING over their opponents, to a 5-0 record. They have the week off and then face Indiana at home.
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4/16/12   |   kimpelegrim

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12/7/11   |   monymona87

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Someone once told me that a good team is actually a lucky team and that luck is all that you need in sports. I disagree, since I strongly believe that efficiency depends on the strategies they use. When it comes to sports betting people bet on the team that has developed the best strategy. At least that's what I do. Oh, and I have to say this: go Texas!

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The Red Wings are also off to a good start

Good Article

10/8/11   |   Jeff_P   |   19895 respect

yes AMANDA...............ON WISCONSIN.....................they are rolling now and will continue to after this weeks bye.........GOOOOOOOOO BADGERS