Forget about the future… Oklahoma star Kevin Durant wants the NBA Championship now

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Blog Photo - Forget about the future… Oklahoma star Kevin Durant wants the NBA Championship now
Let me tell you a story… Dan Marino was just a 23-year-old quarterback playing in second year in the NFL when he led the Miami Dolphins to Super Bowl XIX. Eventually, Miami Dolphins lost the chance to lift the trophy to San Francisco 49ers. Although, Dan Marino was later inducted into the Hall of Fame he never came that close to grabbing a Super Bowl victory.
Oklahoma City Thunders star Kevin Durant knows the morale of this story. In an interview before Oklahoma City Thunders practice session on Saturday, Kevin Durant declared that he doesn’t want anyone telling him his team would get another chance to win the NBA Championship.
The 23-year-old forward, Kevin Durant has been in spectacular form for Oklahoma City Thunders. Kevin Durant has been the driving force behind Oklahoma City Thunders campaign to reach the NBA finals. Now that Oklahoma City Thunders have a strong chance of winning the NBA Championship, Kevin Durant wants his team to fight tooth and nail for an opportunity to win the title.
“That’s the one thing I hate is when people say that,” Kevin Durant. “Because we’re young, most of the guys are 22, 23, and people are going to say we’ll be here next year or the year after that. But nothing is guaranteed. With the way this league is going, so many great teams, you never know.”
Many NBA analysts believe Oklahoma City Thunders young team will get a shot at the NBA Championship again in the next couple of years. Kevin Durant is too realistic to believe in such chances.
Nonetheless, Oklahoma City Thunders can boast about an impressive young squad. As a matter of fact if players from their present squad decide to stay at Oklahoma, the Thunders will be in strong position to dominate NBA in the future.
Kevin Durant, who is already a three-time scoring and a two-time MVP runner up, has the two-time all-star Russell Westbrook as his sidekick. James Harden (sixth man of the year) and Serge Ibaka (topper in blocked shots in the NBA) are two more stars from the squad. Moreover, all of these players are under 24 years of age.
It is interesting to note that Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook have signed in long term contracts with Oklahoma City Thunders. However, no one is sure whether James Harden and Serge Ibaka will continue to play for Oklahoma City Thunders as they will become free agents in 2013.
Kevin Durant understands the dilemma Oklahoma City Thunders could be in James Harden and Serge Ibaka decide to leave the franchise; which is why he wants him teammates to make turn this opportunity into victory.
“This is a great opportunity for us. We have to seize the moment and be ready,” Kevin Durant said. “You know, just like I say, you never know. Injuries might play a factor the next few years or whatever. You never know what happens in this league. I really can’t say that or be that arrogant to say we’ll be here next year for sure or the next few years for sure. We’ve got to take advantage of this moment.”
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