Former 49ers wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. admits playing old team gets personal

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsHe can’t help it. When Ted Ginn, Jr. was with the San Francisco 49ers, his game suffered. It was where all his potential was wasted as he was not properly utilized and his worth and career took a turn for the worst.
In the combined three years that he spent with the 49ers Ginn barely had much to add to his resume and he had no achievements to show he stood out of the crowd. During the 2007 NFL Draft he was the No.9 Pick and by showing such poor game and stats he only showed that he was not worth the predictions made of him. His receiving stats were poor and any player with bad stats with his main duty is a huge fall.
This season he joined the Carolina Panthers and his career has shown some shine from the lacklustre performance he had with the 49ers. The Panthers will play the 49ers in the NFC Divisional Round on Sunday at the Bank of America Stadium and it is obvious that old feelings will make the match personal for Ginn. Even so, Ginn said that he had no hard feelings for the 49ers and did not blame them for the bad time he had with the. They have already faced off once this season.
“It’s just the nature of the game. The last spot I was at. I just felt some type of way,” Ginn said. “It’s nothing that rolls over into the game.”
But the last time Ginn faced the 49ers it was clear that he did hold some grudge with them. He exchanged hard looks with a 49ers player who was not even in the team when Ginn was in the team and after a punt he threw the ball at the 49ers sideline.
Ginn said that it wasn’t any sort of hard feelings that made him do the actions but when he faced his old team he felt energized to show them he was way better than what he was with them.
“It’s something there. It’s nothing that I harp on. It’s a fuel,” Ginn said. “It’s nothing personal. It’s nothing against anybody. It’s just how I feel.”
Ginn said that there was a level of old rivalry when he took the field against the 49ers and that was natural but he did not hold any hatred for the team when he left them as the move was mutually beneficial.
“They’re just the other team. I had my time there and I did what I was supposed to do there. I wouldn’t say I stunk the place up. My departure was for both sides,” Ginn said. “It was good for me and it was good for them – Miami and San Fran. So when we play those guys, yeah it’s a little rivalry, but that’s nature. But it’s next game.”
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Ted Ginn needs to apologize to the 49ers for being hurt all the time and not playing in the NFC championship game against the Giants.  Good chance they would've went to the Super Bowl that year. The difference in that game was two muffed punts by Ginn's replacement. Sometimes just catching the ball is more important than what you do with it afterwards. If anything, the Niners organization should hold negative feelings towards him. Ted Ginn only rears the ugly head of today's selfish player.