Former Dallas Cowboy Daryl Johnson suffered from multiple concussions

Former victim, Daryl Johnson sheds light on damage from multiple concussions

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Blog Photo - Former Dallas Cowboy Daryl Johnson suffered from multiple concussionsThe suicide of the legendary linebacker Junior Seau had many questioning the state of mind of other veteran NFL players, in light of rumors that suggest multiple concussions may be the culprit behind his tragic death.
Recently, at a dinner party by Dallas Cowboy’s Emmitt Smith, thrown in honor of the 1992 Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl team, the franchise’s retired fullback Daryl Johnston questioned if NFL players are sincere in their lawsuit holding the NFL responsible for not properly managing the multiple concussion issue.
Daryl Johnson expressed concerns that the players are attracted by the lawsuit money, rather than looking for a long-term solution such as medical care for multiple concussion treatment.
Hence, Daryl Johnson has distanced himself from the lawsuits even though he has suffered multiple concussions in his 11-year career.
"I don't think the NFL ever hid anything from anybody," Daryl Johnson, who is currently a FOX Sports analyst, declared regarding the multiple concussion problem.
Former Dallas Cowboys’ defensive lineman Chad Hennings sketched a scary picture stating that the looming threat of multiple concussions in the league is similar to the risk taken by a fighter pilot in the battle.
The no-go on the lawsuit does not mean that Daryl Johnson has no familiarity with multiple concussions. In fact, Daryl Johnsons’ career ended with a lot of disappointments when he sustained a career-ending neck injury in 1999.
Dave Duerson and Junior Seau’s suicides struck close to Daryl Johnson’s heart, and since then he fears losing more retired NFL players who may suffer from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, owing to multiple concussions.
Hence, Daryl Johnson believes that every retired NFL player should voluntarily signup for precautionary neurological tests. Daryl Johnson had himself tested at the Center of Brain Health in Dallas. Daryl Johnson also revealed that about 40 other player too had opted to have “very intense diagnostic tests” taken at the center because of the same multiple concussion issue.
However, Daryl Johnson believes that after a preliminary exam, players should keep heading back to the center for further check-ups, to catch any early signs of diseases.
“I'm trying to get all the retired guys to get in here, establish a baseline so we can start monitoring,” suggested Daryl Johnson. “So, if there is a slip, we can get on it and we can start helping.”
Since it was a 1992 Dallas Cowboys reunion, there was bound to be talk regarding the current team. Daryl Johnson suggested that the multiple trade agreements have established such salary cap and off-season ideals have made it increasingly difficult to measure up to the Dallas Cowboys’ Super Bowl legacy.
“I think they're on a slippery slope right now with all this talk about reducing the time in the off-season," observed Daryl Johnston. “You got to push and you got to work and you got to do things.”
Daryl Johnson also added that the Dallas Cowboys have recently faced some tough competition such as from the New York Giants; but he still believed that the Dallas Cowboys could give an outstanding performance this year.
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