Former LSU Tigers’ Tyrann Mathieu arrested with 3 others on drug charges

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Former LSU Tigers cornerback Tyrann Mathieu self-sabotaged his way back onto the school’s football team. The 2011Heisman Trophy finalist Tyrann Mathieu was arrested on Thursday along with three other former LSU Tigers player on drug possession and drug distribution chargers.
According to a press release by the Baton Rouge police department, Tyrann Mathieu, former LSU Tigers quarterback Jordan Jefferson and ex-linebacker Karnell Hatcher were are pressed with charges of simple possession of marijuana. However, former LSU Tigers defensive back Devin Bryant faces more serious charges after he was arrested for the intent of drug possession and distribution (paraphernalia), according to Baton Rouge police spokesperson Don Kelly.
Tyrann Mathieu who would have been playing his junior year as this as the LSU Tigers starting cornerback lost his spot on the team in August after reportedly failing multiple drug tests. Nicknamed “Honey Badger,” Tyronn Mathieu had revealed his hoped to earn back his spot on the LSU Tigers roster by enrolling as a regular student at the college this fall.
The 20-year-old Tyronn Mathieu was suspended in August due to testing positive in drug test for synthetic marijuana. The recent drug related charges have made it increasingly difficult for Tyrann Mathieu to make it back on the LSU Tigers’ team.
According to the police report, police officers checking in at Tyrann Mathieu’s apartment on Thursday immediately smelled a strong odor of marijuana," when the former LSU Tigers cornerback came to answer the door.
The police officers further proceeded to search the apartment after receiving Tyrann Mathieu’s consent. The police report contains the discovery of a marijuana grinder, 10 bags of high-grade marijuana of which seven were packed in Devin Bryant. Police officers also found a digital scale used for drug packaging purposes at the scene.
The search of the police visit at Tryann Mathieu’s apartment resulted from a complaint about a man, later identified as Jordan Jefferson, who forced his way through the security gate of the complex on his way to Trann Mathieu’s residence.
Jordan Jefferson was a third-year starting quarterback with the LSU Tigers who also sat out three games last season due to an arrest in a bar fight case during August. However, Jordan Jefferson was reinstated to his former position after the bar fight charges were reduced to a misdemeanor.
Karnell Hatcher was a linebacker with the LSU Tigers last season until he was replaced with Kevin Minter on the starting spot. Devin Bryant sparingly played with the LSU Tigers last season. However, his workload increased after Tyrann Mathieu’s suspension which opened opportunities for him in a nickel back package.
Thursday afternoon’s run-in with the police was Jordan Jefferson’s second arrest. Jordan Jefferson’s lawyer, Lance Unglesby, who also represented the 22-year-old in the bar fight case stated that he hadn’t been provided with details of the recent arrest. But Lance Unglesby stressed on the importance of maintaining a fair judgment until the charges against Jordan Jefferson are proven.
"All individuals are presumed innocent and I look forward to the opportunity to examine the facts of this case to find out what really happened.”
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