Former Mississippi State Baseball Coach Is Sort Of Mad

Ron Polk Takes Everything A Little Too Seriously

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Usually when a respected college coach retires, the reigns are turned over to a trusted assistant. Often, the coach chooses exactly which assistant that will be.

However, when that doesn't happen, that can sometimes rile the departing coach.

Take Mississippi State baseball coach Ron Polk. He's been at MSU for 29 years, has coached players like Will Clark and Rafael Palmiero, and even has the baseball field named after him.  However, he was sort of mad that the school's new athletic director went over his head to name a new head coach, which wasn't the guy Polk wanted.

So how's Polk responded?

By threatening to sabotage the whole program of course. He's clearly a man who rationally thought things all the way through.

Polk said he plans to send the new AD a letter that states "within 48 hours, my name comes off the stadium, comes off the centerfield fence, the banner off the concourse comes down. It will remain down until the AD gets fired or somebody runs him off.

And Polk even went so far as to say this:
"Now he's (the AD) got me on the warpath and all I can do is hurt him. I'm going to do everything I can to make his life miserable."
Yes, there's nothing like having a crotchety old man making it his life's mission to make your life miserable and destroy you.

Should be a great next season for MSU.
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6/8/08   |   Chachi_Azzhola   |   2 respect

The former baseball coach and current AD at LSU once said that "Starkville" (MSU's campus town) was the Choctaw Indian word for "trailer park".  Glad to see MSU's Polk holding up his end of that comment with a white trash rant worthy of a double-wide resident just prior to getting picked up on an episode of "Cops".  By the way, Polk was picked up by MSU's A.D. for a second stint after the other career plans he made after leaving the first time didn't quite work out for him.  Nice guy, huh?