Former Mistress Accuses Brian Cashman of Misleading Feds

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Blog Photo - Former Mistress Accuses Brian Cashman of Misleading Feds
Who says soap operas are dead? In the latest installment of All My Yankees, according to a court document obtained by the USA Today, the alleged former mistress/stalker/blackmailer of Brian Cashman claims that the Yankees GM told her that he “intentionally misled federal investigators during the Roger Clemens investigation, knew of clubhouse steroid use by various Yankee players, and was ambivalent to the use of performance-enhancement drugs as long as nothing came back to the Yankees organization.”
First things first, the woman making these claims, Louise Neathway, is facing 52 charges including harassment, criminal impersonation, lying to a grand jury, stalking, and grand larceny (which makes her the criminal equivalent of a 5-tool player). The document also argues that Alex Rodriguez’s (you didn’t think we were going to make it through this without mentioning him, did you?) loquacious new lawyer, Joseph Tacopina, has a conflict of interest because his partner Stephen Turano is representing Neathway and he could possibly use information from Neathway’s (ahem) dealings with Cashman to help A-Rod in his beef with the Yankees. Tacopina responded by saying that Turano was representing Neathway in New Jersey as an individual attorney and not as part of their New York firm Tacopina, Siegel & Turano. (Is anyone following this?)
Whether any of this ridiculousness amounts to anything, there are three quick takeaways from the latest installment of the Bombers’ summer soap. 1) Is it all that incredible to think that Brian Cashman or any other GM knew that players were taking PEDs? The fact that so many front office personnel and the commissioner’s office have argued otherwise is an insult to everyone’s intelligence. Of course they knew! They all knew! You would have to be an idiot to believe otherwise. 2) You have to give this Louise Neathway credit for just throwing everything and the kitchen sink to try to beat the multiple raps. She’s pulling everyone into this thing. Cripes, how did Cashman ever hook up with this broad? Didn’t he ever see Fatal Attraction? 3) If George Steinbrenner were alive he would be absolutely livid that his players and his General Manager were stealing headlines from him.
Tune in next week for another episode of All My Yankees.
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orangemen90 wrote:
The picture is one of Roger Clemens.....

Yes, and that's Cashman sitting next to him. And this woman is saying that Cashman misled investigators during the Roger Clemens case. Does that connect the dots?

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The picture is one of Roger Clemens.....