Former NHL Player Mike Danton saves teammate with prison skills

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Former NHL player, Mike Danton is the perfect example of a person who utilized his time in prison to learn useful traits. Danton was sent to prison for plotting to take a life. After he was freed Danton returned to professional hockey.

Just recently the former St. Louis Blues player saved a player’s life thanks to the first aid skills he learnt while he was in prison. Danton who served a five-year jail term was playing in his first game in the Swedish 3rd division club Ore this Sunday when linemate Marcus Bengtsson hit his head hard on the ice, immediately after being struck Bengtsson started convulsing.

Seeing this Danton unclenched Bengtsson’s mouth and shoved his hand into his mouth thus saving him from choking on his own tongue. Danton later confirmed that he had become a certified first aid responder in his stay at prison.

"I have seen seizures before. In prison, druggies would come in off the streets and have withdrawals," he told in his blog. "So, when the convulsions did not (stop) after a couple of minutes, I knew something was wrong."

After Danton stopped Bengtsson from choking the ill fated player was sent off to a hospital on an ambulance. Later doctors informed that Bengtsson had suffered a concussion and would be kept overnight.

"There have been so many tragic injuries in hockey lately and this incident was very close to being another," Danton wrote. "These types of scenarios get you asking yourself questions and realizing the important things in life — like friends."

Later on Bengtsson thanked Danton for his help. He stated, "I can't describe how thankful I am to Mike and all the others who helped me. It could have been a lot worse."

Danton on the other hand wrote in his blog that he instinctively came into action when he realized Bengtsson could choke on his tongue.

"With several players and other help surrounding (Bengtsson) on the ice, his face went from normal tone to Christmas red to snow white," he wrote. "In that process, he was on his back and his jaw became locked while bubbles of blood began to spew between his teeth. Only one thing came to mind. His tongue, I thought."

Danton stated that he had to wait a couple of minutes for Bengtsson's mouth to open, then he got inside his mouth "and clawed at his tongue." He further told that once he had the opportunity he immediately clamped down his fingers and pulled the tongue out before he lost it.

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