Former Runningback Stephen Davis Already Showing Aftereffects of Football

Stephen Davis Experiencing Memory Loss at Only 38

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A couple of months ago, we wrote several articles on the potential effects concussion could have on the way football is played at all levels. At the time there were no known cases of players experiencing symptoms of concussions soon after their playing career. That is, until Stephen Davis.
Feb 1, 2004; Houston, TX, USA; FILE PHOTO; New England Patriots defensive defensive end Bobby Hamilton (91) tackles Carolina Panthers running back Stephen Davis (48) during Super Bowl XXXVIII at Reliant Stadium. The Patriots defeated the Panthers 32-29. Mandatory Credit: MPS-US PRESSWIRE
Davis, at only age 38, is already experiencing short term memory loss and can not remember conversations he has with his wife. Davis also needs to have background noise on most of the time to drown out the ringing in his ears.

“Looking at the results and they’re not that good,” Davis said of a recent visit to a neurologist. “I need to get special treatment, further treatment to try and get it taken care of. “A lot of things scare me a whole lot, and it bothers me because there isn’t no telling what day I’ll forget everything.”

Davis claims to have experienced multiple concussions in the span of a few weeks, and last week joined the list of over 2,600 former players to have filed suit against the NFL.

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