Former Spurs boss Redknapp calls Villas-Boas’ squad “a bunch of strangers”

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Blog Photo - Former Spurs boss Redknapp calls Villas-Boas’ squad “a bunch of strangers”
Former Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp was critical of his side after of their 6-0 defeat at the hands of Manchester City. The English boss told talkSPORT he noticed his former side were playing “like a bunch of strangers”. Redknapp also believes that the club’s manager Andre Villas-Boas will have a tough fight to retain his job considering the amount setbacks he has faced this season.
Reports suggest Spurs chairman Daniel Levy and owner Joe Lewis could axe Villas-Boas soon if the former Chelsea boss is unable to pick up the club’s form. Well, it’s not just the management and owners. Tottenham fans are starting to lose patience with the coach as well. Villas-Boas’ attitude of blaming everyone, but himself has also unappreciated.
Ninth-placed Spurs must make a positive impact against the Premier League champions Manchester United if Villas-Boas is to have any hope of keeping his job. Villas-Boas will have the advantage since the match is being held at White Hart Lane, but then again the Portuguese boss has been very critical of his home crowd as well.
Villas-Boas’ men are “furious” at him for suggesting that his team should be “ashamed” of their performance against Manchester City on Sunday. Tottenham defender Jan Vertonghen put the matter to rest by insisting that Villas-Boas enjoyed the backing of his squad, but clearly a rift between the coach and the squad is apparent.
Redknapp, who is managing Queens Park Rangers, was replaced by Villas-Boas during the 2012 summer. The news of Redknapp’s replacement surprised most fans since Spurs had already acquired Champions League action once. Explaining the insecurities in Tottenham’s squad, Redknapp suggests that selling Gareth Bale to Real Madrid has exposed the weakness in Villas-Boas’ squad.
“For the first time, Tottenham did look like a bunch of strangers on Sunday,” Redknapp said. “They have got lots of attacking players. They have almost become overloaded with the same type of player.
“In the past, when they had Gareth Bale, he was such a fantastic talent that he would pull them out of trouble. There were lots of games where there were two minutes to go and suddenly a bit of magic from Gareth Bale and three points were in the bag. Well, they have lost that magic now.
“He was special. It has been difficult to replace him and that is a big problem for them.”
However, Redknapp believes Spurs side have the potential to pick up the pieces and playing at home against Manchester United is a dream opportunity. Redknapp insists Spurs need to have a go at the title winners from last season, who are currently sixth-placed and have struggled with their performance this season.
“They have got a great game this weekend,” Redknapp said. “If I was managing Tottenham, I would be happier playing Man United than I would Stoke. It's a game where Tottenham can have a real go. I'd rather have that than a game playing a team that you are expected to win against and it goes wrong again.”
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