Formula One heads into new territory –Vettel will have the edge in United States thanks to the super-fast RB8

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Blog Photo - Formula One heads into new territory –Vettel will have the edge in United States thanks to the super-fast RB8
Sebastian Vettel’s aim was to leave Abu Dhabi as the leading driver in the Championship. The Red Bull driver achieved that with a podium finish in spite of a late start. The young German started off at the Yas Marina Circuit in tumultuous fashion, but he soon found his stride.
Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso cut down his lead to 10-points with a second-place finish. Nonetheless, Sebastian Vettel blazed past other drivers from a pit-lane start to finish in third and on the podium.
It was an impressive comeback from Sebastian Vettel, who is challenging for his third consecutive Championship title. Fernando Alonso, who has won the Championship in 2005 and 2006, also gunning for his third Championship title.
With just two races remaining on the Formula One calendar, United States and Brazil, Sebastian Vettel understands that there is little room for error. Sebastian Vettel believes confidence in an important key to victory.
Sebastian Vettel told reporters in his Q&A session after the race that after being disqualified on Saturday confidence is what helped him “pick up the pieces again”.
“Very important. But it is more important that you don’t see such a blow as a blow because then you don’t have to pick up the pieces again! I think the whole team took the decision very calmly and immediately concentrated on changing the set-up to raise our chance of getting into the points,” Sebastian Vettel said.
The next race is at Austin, United States and Sebastian Vettel is already looking forward to the trip. Sebastian Vettel told reporters that Red Bull “go on full attack” mode in Austin in order to grab advantage over his opponents.
“I am looking forward to the next race very much,” Sebastian Vettel said. “I have not added points to my tally but also I haven’t lost as many as a start from the pit lane would suggest. We have to go on full attack in Austin. Let’s see what we can achieve there.”
The new Austin Circuit will be new territory for all Formula One drivers, which means Sebastian Vettel will have a unique advantage over other drivers because of his super-fast Red Bull car, the RB8.
Sebastian Vettel admits Red Bull has been the fastest in nearly every race. The defending champion added that Red Bull would have been the fastest even if it weren’t for the RB8.
“Yes, we have been fast in all the last races and even if we didn’t have the best car on the grid we could take,” Sebastian Vettel added.
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Judging by smell, I'd say this piece of "journalism" is brought to you by Red Bull.