Four In The Morning

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Kind of a weird looking schedule tonight for no other reason than I don't think I've ever seen such a high percentage of games that are carrying the same spread.  It would appear as though "The Four-ce" is with us all tonight.  So, let's get to work.

THE NBA  (4-2 ATS & 5-0 SU last night and 9-5 & 11-1 so far for the week)

BUTTA  (no plays so far for the week)
I discussed earlier in the week how difficult and slow this week could be given the fact that we're right up against a long break, and it's not going to be easy to determine which teams might be starting their "vacation" early.  So, I'll be sitting on my hands again tonight with The Association.

Hey, look at me!  I've got a new toy!

Mavs 98 Heat 105
BOBCATS (+3 1/2, U197 1/2) 95 SUNS (+3 1/2, O208 1/2) 108
Kings 90 Thunder (+1, O210) 108
CAVS (-1 1/2, U204 1/2) 93 BLAZERS 104
Hawks (+2, O186) 108 Jazz 102
BULLS 103 LAKERS (-1 1/2, O203) 108
Wizards (+4, U183 1/2) 90    

COLLEGE HOOPS  (3-2 ATS/4-1 SU/2-3 TOTALS last night and 11-5/12-4/7-9 so far for the week)

BUTTA  (no play last night and 1-0 so far for the week)
1.  N. CAROLINA ST. (-260) over Wake Forest - We have a couple of teams that could be on that notorious "bubble", so I don't particularly care for NCST (-6, O140).  State is no powerhouse, but they are at home, and Wake has yet to win a conference road game this season.  N. CAROLINA ST. 81, Wake Forest 68 
2.  COLORADO ST. (-200) over Utah St. - Another matchup with a couple of "bubbling" teams.  Both have 14 wins on the season, but in conference play, only 2 of those Utah St. wins were away from Logan.  The Rams are, like N. Carolina St. above, are not a powerhouse, but they are solid and fundamentally sound.  COLORADO ST. 77, Utah St. 53
Clemson 49 Marquette (+2, O138 1/2) 70
NOTRE DAME (-5 1/2, U117 1/2) 64 SETON HALL 71
Michigan 67 San Diego St. 62
OHIO ST. (-4, O129 1/2) 74 WYOMING (+4, O118) 61
Oklahoma St. 75 Mississippi 73
TEXAS (-4, O145 1/2) 83 ALABAMA 82
Xavier (pk, O133 1/2) 77 Florida 70
BUTLER 71 TENNESSEE (+1 1/2, O128 1/2) 76

There we go, folks.  How do you like the new "format"?  Thanks to the good people at FanIQ for getting me set up with this new look.  Have a great day, and I'll see you tomorrow.

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