Frank Caliendo does 'Jon Gruden's QB Camp' as Jon Gruden
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THIS GUY! Frank Caliendo does Jon Gruden's show as Jon Gruden, hilarity ensues

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Blog Photo - Frank Caliendo does 'Jon Gruden's QB Camp' as Jon GrudenEven if you hate "Jon Gruden's QB Camp" on ESPN, I urge you to set aside three minutes of your Internet video watching time for this. ESPN released a web video in which Frank Caliendo appears on Gruden's pre-draft quarterback analysis show, in character as Jon Gruden. When Jon Gruden interviews 'Jon Gruden', Caliendo nails it harder than a slot receiver running a sluggo-right-48.

The segment is called "Gruden vs. Gruden QB Camp". It also features a cameo from Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr, who cannot keep a straight face through these proceedings.

You can see video of Frank Caliendo as Jon Gruden on "Jon Gruden's QB Camp" courtesy ESPN.

Blog Photo - Frank Caliendo does 'Jon Gruden's QB Camp' as Jon GrudenThis is not the first time that Frank Caliendo has busted out his Jon Gruden act to kill time on ESPN shows. There has also been Jon Gruden's Pee Wee Football Camp, a Richard Sherman "30 for 30" mockumentary featuring Caliendo as Gruden (and others), and What Jon Gruden is Like When He is Not Talking About Football.

And yes, there has also been a Frank Caliendo as Mel Kiper, Jr segment that deserves watching before every NFL Draft.
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This Jon really has my funny bones LOL. - Kris Krohn