Frank Caliendo mockumentary about Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman has done the impossible: He inspired Frank Caliendo to be funny

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Blog Photo - Frank Caliendo mockumentary about Richard Sherman

Frank Caliendo has an annoying habit of thinking that he's hilarious when he's actually not funny at all.

Unfortunately, television networks often fall for his ploys, much like they do with guys like Rob Riggle as well, and they give him a platform for his terribly fail-tastic attempts at humor.

Just this once, however, Caliendo has put out an absolute masterpiece.

In the vein of ESPN's classic 30 for 30 videos, Caliendo put together a mockumentary about Seahawks CB Richard Sherman. It's well worth the price of admission (free).

Check it out:

Personally, I think the Gruden and Belichick parts are absolutely amazing, and completely hilarious. What do you think? Is this the funniest thing that Frank Caliendo has ever been involved in? I'd have to say yes, emphatically.
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