Frazier needs to bring groomed players into Vikings

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Minnesota Vikings new offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave was just recently called into the office of head coach, Leslie Frazier. The reason behind Musgrave’s meet was his opinion on fielding a more experienced team. Musgrave who also happens to be one of the NFL’s famed quarterback developers suggested Frazier should opt for a more experienced team. He suggested a couple of veterans that should be played instead of rookies in the starting lineup.

Musgrave also made it clear that he did not oppose but rather encourage involvement of youngsters in the first team but if players like Christian Ponder were to learn from their time on field, they would need experienced hands on deck.

Ponder, who was the 12th overall draft pick is eager for first team action, nevertheless he also admits that he has a lot to learn. In a recent press release he stated, “We all came to the same conclusion. They threw Donovan (McNabb) out as a possibility. I was excited. Looking at it now, definitely, I know the team is in better hands with Donovan at quarterback.”

Frazier probably deserves less blame than is being directed at him. His roster is aging as if time was running faster and there are few youngsters in his team that have potential to become stars in the NFL presently. He could utilize his aging stars for mentoring the next generation but there would be lack of depth in his team. Nonetheless, there are a couple of players present in the squad like Jarred Allen, Adrian Peterson, Bernard Berrian and this year’s quarterback addition, Donovan McNabb that can help with the mentoring.

McNabb’s last season at Washington was perhaps his worst yet. Before that the he spent 11 splendid years with Philadelphia Eagles. Although McNabb has been signed in for a year, if he proves to be a worthy asset he will probably gain an extension contract. “I am happy about this opportunity,” he said. “Obviously Leslie and Rick Spielman saw something in me, that I can come here and help this team. I want to provide that for them.”

McNabb has inked a contract worth $5 million which is considerably lesser than the offer the $12.5 million from Washington Redskins but the veteran was eager to start a new chapter in his career. “You go through minor adversities that you have to be able to overcome and understand what happened and then you move on,” McNabb said. “You take the good with the good and leave the bad.”

In general assessment the Vikings have a group talented of players but they are numbered and aging. Eight of the players from their starting team are more than 30-years-old. They also lack depth as 16 players on the roster than have less than 3 years of experience in NFL. Therefore, Frazier needs to immediately start bringing more groomed players to the club.
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I think McNabb will be much better than last year, demonstrating that it was a fluke. The coaching staff had clearly given up on him midway through the season, yet played him anyways. Hard to perform well under those circumstances.