Frazier reminisces about his record runs with Colts and Bears

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Coach Leslie Frazier acknowledges Green Bay Packers superb form but still reckons his men can give the Packers a run for the money. The Minnesota Vikings have had a disappointing start to the season, having won only two of their 8 matches, the Packers on the other hand are 8-0 undefeated. Frazier has experienced the invincible feeling before and according to him you can never be too confident about winning the next match.

Frazier reckons that the Vikings have learnt a lot from their last encounter with the Packers which was 4 weeks ago where they came within inches of acquiring a victory. Packers’ coach Mike McCarthy has declared that the Packers don’t care as much about an invincible season as they care about a successful season. Frazier can relate to that with his 2006 run with the Indianapolis Colts.

Frazier said, “This early you may not think about it quite as much, although you’re hearing a lot about it from people outside of your organization but the longer you’re undefeated, the more the drama builds and it can be overwhelming if you are not a mature team but they seem to be and our goal is to squelch the talk of an undefeated season after Monday night but it can, it can grow to the point where you lose sight of what the goal is and that’s to get to the Super Bowl and win the Super Bowl.”

Frazier also talked about his 1985 run with the Chicago Bears. Frazier went to a 12 match winning streak before he finally lost. Talking about losing the winning streak Frazier said, “I don’t think we were thinking a lot about being undefeated. At the time there was a lot of talk about it and the fact that we were playing Miami which was the only team that had gone undefeated and it was a big deal at that time.

Frazier added, “You’re hearing it but I don’t know if it played a role in our losing that game but you do hear it the further you get. The same when we were in Indy, we were 13-0 but then you get to it and you start wondering as a coach and as players, how much longer are we going to play and try to go 16-0 or is the goal to win the Super Bowl? It can get a little cluttered because of the outside chatter and how you handle it probably determines on the type of team that you have.”

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