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Fred Couples uses wildcard for Tiger Woods to book his spot in the Presidents Cup

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Although Tiger Woods’ form has been nothing short of terrible in the past couple of years he is still respected in the golf community and for that reason alone he has gained access to United States team. Media reports confirm Woods’ will participate in the Presidents Cup at Melbourne in November as part of the American team, all thanks to Fred Couples and his wild card.

Woods made his comeback to golf just around a month ago after being benched for a good part of 3 months. Woods suffered an injury on course that forced him to limp off the track. The return of the prodigal son was no spectacular event as Woods flunked at the Championship.

It’s been a long time since Woods has won any silverware or for that matter any Majors. Woods last Majors’ victory came in 2007 although he did manage to win some silverware in 2009 but after that his career has been rolling down on a steep hill. Woods will certainly have to make a Herculean effort to reach back to the top.

The former world number one’s miseries were given birth when he was caught cheating on his wife. Dirty secrets were revealed in the process which resulted in divorce. Woods has been unable to recover from that shock and for many that is the main reason behind his woeful form.

Woods is still aiming to break every single golf record in the book which theoretically is still possible for him. Woods has won an amazing 14 Majors in his lustrous career, and being still young he can win a couple more.

That fact left alone, Woods dismissive form at the PGA Championship two weeks ago, exile from the FedEx Cup play-offs and derailment in the world rankings are just a couple of reasons why he shouldn’t be on the American team. However team’s captain, Fred Couples is blind to Woods’ recent performances. Couples reckons the sports icon still has amazing talent and for that reason he will be one of his two wild cards.

"I told him that he's going to be on the team," Couples said in his press release. "The question came up and there's no reason for me to wait until 26 September to pick Tiger. He's the best player in the world forever. Is he playing well right now? No. He almost won Augusta four months ago, so you don't do that by playing poor golf."


Woods is not scheduled to play again before the team is inked out which leaves analysts even more confounded by the trust Couples is showing in his early decision. There are 10 players that will qualify off a points list that will run through the FedEx Cup play-off series over the course of next month. Therefore, Couples is not sure yet who will need his second wildcard.

Keegan Bradley, who won the PGA Championship in his first major debut is standing on 18th spot in the ratings. Woods is 28th and destined to drop even further. Jim Furyk, Rickie Fowler and Zach Johnson are also stranded, hence candidates for Couples wildcard.

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8/31/11   |   nechinoy

Selected for his reputation, but Woods has never been that great in head to heads. His Ryder Cup record has been bettered by many and he is not feared in that format. Maybe ROW team is not strong enough to take on the Americans. They too have ageing stars who are playing on reputation.