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While staring out of my prison window. I used to be able to see the cars go by. Always saying when I get out Im gonna do things differently. We had Nascar in there. I guess you can say that I got alot of inmates interested. Me and another guy named Scott used to always vote for Nascar on Sundays. That is until football season started.

He was a big Travis Kvapil fan. We would get the guys to put in 1 Ramen soup and then put all the drivers car numbers in a hat and draw for drivers. The winner would get all the soups. But at least we had Nascar.


Then when I transfered to main line we were allowed portable walkman radios. So I was guaranteed to at least listen to Nascar. When you lose your freedom, you learn to appreciate the little things. Things like ice water, chewing gum. Im talking about the little things that we take for granted. There is also alot of racism in there. Then when I got out I thought that things would be different. But the only thing that changed is me. Inside you have to run with your race. Me being hispanic, I ran with the southern hispanics. We werent allowed to eat or drink with the blacks or with the northern hispanics. It was a whole different world in there.


 But I told myself that no matter what, I was gonna come out a changed person. Then when I got out I joined a few Nascar sites, What I couldnt believe was the way some were bashing on how Nascar could let Toyota into the series. Well like it or not they were here to stay. And in only its second year, they have  really made an impact. First by getting Joe Gibbs to bring his race team over to help out where MWR and Red Bull racing were just not getting it done. Then by hiring the young and brash Kyle Busch. A move that alot of JGR fans thought would never work because the team already had Tony Stewart. How could 2 outspoken and hard headed drivers co exist on the same team.  Just to read about the controversy that surrounded the move really made me think more about my freedom. Not only that. But the way alot of us just dont appreciate what we have.


I read alot and learned about prejudice, and also the freedom that we have. When your freedom is taken away, whether for a day or a couple years your whole mind set changes. What I am saying is that I got out and made a difference in my life. I dont care what color you are. I dont care what nationality you are. I know that at times I can be controversial or even harsh. But that is me. Alot of you know that I dont back down and always get my point across. Usually Im right. Not being modest, but I learned not to open my mouth unless I can back what I say. We all have our opinions. But who is to say who's opinion is actually right? After all it is our opinion.  But at  least come out with a valid point, to make your opinion worth reading about. How do you feel when you have a legitimte blog, and someone comes against it. Do you still look at that person  the same way? The first thing that probably comes to mind is how could they say that.


The next time that happens to you. Look out of your window, think about what it must feel like, to know that you have no freedom. Or that your opinion doesnt matter because you have some correctional officer who could care less about your opinion. Many nights and days I looked out that same window wondering when I was gonna get to the other side. Looking at the calender, counting the days when I would be able to walk out of those gates and finally be free again. Dont take your freedom for granted. There are alot of people out there that have no freedom. Use it wisely. Not to bad mouth a car company because they want what we have. Look in that mirror the next time you say Toyota sucks and realize how dumb your freedom really looks. Instead show how proud you are to be an American. Try doing things differently. You might like it. I know I did

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Everytime I read about your experience my thankful meter rises.

4/25/08   |   Ziggywag

I'm glad you are out now and can watch Nascar all the time. I guess we all take our freedom for granted, your story shows what it's like to have that taken away.

4/25/08   |   pawleys_isle

Another good one Sal!!  So glad I met ya.  Hugs, BA

4/25/08   |   frevr3fan

derms33 wrote:
eye-opening blog...nice work!

Thanks Derms33

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eye-opening blog...nice work!