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Are the Trades working out? [NHL Live Thread]

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Blog Photo - Friday Night Hockey [NHL Live Thread]A week ago, making these picks would have been a piece of cake.  After the last couple of days where the obvious choices proved to be wrong, I have to ask, are the trades made during the past week really working out?  Certainly, in regards to the Pittsburgh Penguins, the loss of Sidney Crosby has made a huge difference.  The team I don't like, but respect as a winning one, has struggled since they traded two relative unknowns for Jarome Iginla.  However, if you expect that struggle to keep up for long, I think you are mistaken.  They have more wins than Chicago right now, but fewer points, due to Chicago's many OT games.

You all know I am a Flames fan.  If you have the time, give this a read, as it honestly explains how I feel.  It is interesting to note that others are paying attention to the situation, many of them not even hockey fans.  

The traded players are starting to fit in with their new teams, and many have scored goals, or shut out games.  In short, they are doing what they were expected to do for their new teams.  I suppose one of the biggest no-trade stories is that of Roberto Luongo, forced to stay with Vancouver.  Oddly enough, many Vancouver fans have described it as the Canucks being stuck with Luongo, but I prefer to look at it the other way around.

Jess: I look at it the same way you do, Debi. I don't think the Canucks are "stuck with" Luongo; he's stuck there. I'm indifferent about Vancouver but I think that Luongo needs a change of scenery and he's better than he's been recently as a Canuck. He's obviously not happy, he obviously wants out. Can't NHL contracts be renegotiated like NFL? If so, he needs to do so as soon as possible so he can get out of there. 

In any case, we only have a handful of games today, but there should be some decent ones in the mix.  Here's our schedule and our picks, all times Eastern.

7:00 pm

Ottawa Senators (19-11-6) at Buffalo Sabres (14-17-6)
Broadcast:  SNET-E, TVA, MSG-B

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Bryan:   I gotta take Ottawa here on the road.  Buffalo has now fired their coach and traded away their captain.  They've waved the white flag, Sens walk away with this one.

Jess: Buffalo is so weird. They're awful but sometimes they pull off crazy surprising wins...they make me laugh. I'm calling it for the Senators but Buffalo may surprise us out of nowhere again.

Debi:  Twitter was alive with the trade of Jason Pominville.  That trade put Buffalo in a position where they are struggling even more than they were already.  Ottawa has this for the sweep.

New York Rangers (18-15-3) at Pittsburgh Penguins (28-10-0)

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Bryan:  Okay, 2 in a row is enough.  Make it 4 of 5 against the Rangers this year, don't let this turn into a long slump.  Pens win this one on home ice.

Jess: Gah. I want the Rangers to win (sorry, BK) but I just don't see it happening. Oh to heck with it, I'm calling the upset.

Debi:  Do I really think the Rangers will beat the Pens twice in one week?? Nope.

8:00 pm

Columbus Blue Jackets (16-14-7) at St. Louis Blues (19-14-2)
Broadcast:  FS-O, FS-MW

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Bryan:  Both of these teams won on the road last night, but the Blues had a shootout victory in Chicago.  That's going to give them a huge boost of confidence.  They'll get the home ice win tonight.

Jess: Blues, easy. I think. 

Debi:  Did you see those Blues?  Wow.  Then again, the Blue Jackets weren't too shabby against the Preds, either.    However, the Blues got Bouwmeester, which still makes me sad.  I love that dude, so I gotta pick the Blues for the win, and Bouwmeester for some kind of key action to get them the win!!
Blog Photo - Friday Night Hockey [NHL Live Thread]
9:00 pm

Detroit Red Wings (18-14-5) at Colorado Avalanche (12-20-4)
Broadcast:  FS-D, ALT

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Bryan:  Just a gut feeling, but I'm gonna go with the Avs here for the upset.

Jess: I love this matchup, ALWAYS! Avs at home. One of these times I'm gonna be right, I just know it.

Debi:  The Avs record is almost as bad as my Flames, and yet it hasn't seemed that way.  They seem to have moments of WOW here and there.  Will they have a moment of wow tonight?  I think they just might!!

10:00 pm

Dallas Stars (16-17-3) at Anaheim Ducks (25-7-5)
Broadcast:  FS-SW+, FS-W

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Bryan:  The Ducks will make Jess happy tonight.

Jess: Sweet baby Jesus in hockey skates and breezers under his frock, I'm so sick of seeing this team! GO AWAY, DALLAS!

Debi:  Sweet Sweep!!

10:30 pm

Calgary Flames (13-18-4) at San Jose Sharks (19-11-6)
Broadcast:  NBCSN, SNET-W, CSN-CA

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Bryan:  The Sharks are still a disappointment to me.  I gotta think Calgary has a chance in this one.  What the heck, Flames for the win!

Jess: Uhmmmm another upset special? That would be fun. 

Debi:  Even if you didn't read the link above, you understand about fair weather and foul weather fans.  After the 8-2 shellacking by the Oilers, Matt Stajan came out in defense of the Flames, saying they aren't prepared to just lie down and let the rest of the season play out without them doing something.  They might not get the win tonight, but you can bet Stajan will be behind his team, pushing them on to do everything they can for the win.  I'm with him.

As you can see, we don't have a lot of games on the schedule tonight, but in case you aren't watching baseball yet, we're here, cheering on our teams, loud and long.  Join in!

Oh and for the Video of the day, we have the shoot out goal by Kevin Shattenkirk of the Blues against the Blackhawks.

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4/6/13   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

Just got home and once again, I suck at some of my picks, but the Flames have managed to hang on for a tie so far.......


4/5/13   |   Scott   |   54600 respect

After winning against the Blue Jackets tonight, the Blues are undefeated with Jordan Leopold and Jay Bouwmeester in the lineup.  Now on to Motown where it's time to exorcise some regular season demons

4/5/13   |   Jess   |   35092 respect


4/5/13   |   orangemen90   |   5785 respect

What a good game.. Pens win in a shoot out over the Rangers!!!!

4/5/13   |   AlwaysSunshine   |   7444 respect

Can I just say Imma miss Marty Erat.

4/5/13   |   Jess   |   35092 respect

Lundqvist rocks my socks off

4/5/13   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

Jess wrote:
I love that vid - that was a fun ending to the game last night.

Me too!! He was 1 for 5  in rhe Shoot Out before that goal!!

4/5/13   |   Jess   |   35092 respect

I love that vid - that was a fun ending to the game last night.