From La Liga to Epl much, Pique?

2/20/12 in Soccer   |   ironhide10   |   31 respect

English Premier League makes headlines whenever it comes to their transfer window activities. This time, the reports are indicating towards one of the best English Premier League’s Clubs, Manchester United, intending to re-sign La Liga’s legendary team, Barcelona’s star Gerard Pique, who left Old Trafford to join Barca, the club where he grew up.
Sources further indicate that the club intends to enhance its defense and therefore would need the skills of the 25 year old Pique who spent 4 years at the club but went back to Catalonia, an autonomous community in Spain and later became a part of the regular squad of Barcelona and he plays for Spain’s first team, as a matter of fact.
Pique is indispensable to Barcelona too since he is one of the best defenders they have and the current success of the club is attributed to him too, since the team has won three La Liga titles and two UEFA champions league trophies against the English giant, Manchester United.
Another reason why Pique is needed back at Old Trafford is because of the fact that the defense of United is dwindling, with Nemanja Vidic getting closer to his retirement days along with Rio Ferdinand. The new defense formation involves Phil Jones, Chris Smalling, Rafael and Fabio and none of them have the potential to play for the first team, triggering the need to sign Pique.
In addition, the coach of United, Sir Alex Ferguson wants someone with experience in the field and despite the fact that the club signs slightly old players, Pique has tremendous experience and this is what United is seeking at present.
Signing Pique could have been difficult for United since the Barcelona’s manger, Gaurdiola, is not willing to let go of their star player but since he is expected to leave Barcelona this summer, signing Pique is likely. In addition, it will be less costly for United to sign this gem of a player because he experienced a reduction in his form and his price fell, as a consequence. All in all, Pique seems like a highly fruitful investment for United right now.
However, not everything always goes well all the time. If United has its eyes on Pique, so does the big opponent team in the Barclays Premier League, Chelsea Football Club. Both clubs have their eyes on him. Chelsea FC has the problem of aging players at the moment and Pique could help the club solve this problem. The manager has the objective of renewing the entire squad of Chelsea and is hence, on a look out for players like Pique. However, this move depends on the managerial term of Chelsea’s manager. The question that now needs to be answered is whether or not the road is clear for United since this investment is definitely in their favor. Fingers crossed for more on this one, since football is unpredictable. 
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