From Oregon to NFL and the Philadelphia Eagles, Chip Kelly has a success story to share

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsIt has been one year since Chip Kelly sought out the NFL and decided to try his luck there. He landed as the head coach for the Philadelphia Eagles and from that he has had a successful start. The season has been good as a start for him as he coached the Eagles through a rough season in which they made it to the NFL Playoffs in a wild card game against the New Orleans Saints in which they eventually lost.
Kelly inherited the Eagles in a dilapidated state. The team was absolutely run down and totalled. They had a score of 4-12 the previous season and under his coaching they have made an impressive turnaround of events and ended their season strong with a score of 10-6. His performance was so excelling that he earned himself the “Best Coach Award” of Maxwell Club.
The reason why Kelly was so successful in turning around the state of a team coaches did not want to take on was his fresh look at things. Straight out of Oregon he came with new ideas and plans to make things work. Although many criticized the way he handled things in the beginning it was eventually Kelly who proved people wrong and the results of his works are there for all to see.
Kelly has proven himself to have a knack for organizing a team’s offense and making it happen smoothly on field. With another year in the Eagles things will only pick momentum and he will get the chance to revamp the entire offense to another level. Eagles quarterback Nick Foles enjoyed his season as he had only 2 interceptions whereas he had 27 touchdowns and threw for a total of 3,000 yards. Their running back LeSean McCOy was awarded the NFL Rushing Title for the 2013 season. With the NFL Draft coming up in four months time, Kelly is already a busy man scouting the players and getting ready to make the proper signings.
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