From The Armchair: Philadelphia Eagles, Week 4

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Blog Photo - From The Armchair:  Philadelphia Eagles, Week 4Each week, Ben (PhillyGenius82) and I will recap the ups and downs of the 2013 Philadelphia Eagles.  We tried to pretend like this week didn't happen, but Jess made us commit to a full season - so here goes nothing.

The Good
Ben:  This will be brief. 2 of my fantasy teams. The running game in the first half, even Bryce Brown had a couple decent runs and a nice reception on a screen pass that he would have scored on if he didn't slip. The Giants and Cowboys both lost. The Birds play a team that is apparently worse than they are next week (Giants). The Eagles are still only one game back in the division (insert obligatory NFC Least joke here).
Ryan:  Wow.  Yeah, this will definitely be quick.  I thought the offense looked decent in the first half.  They managed to sustain a few drives.  And I thought, for the most part, they were effective.  I’m still hanging on every carry, waiting to make sure that McCoy gets up.  As he goes, so do the Eagles on offense. 
The Bad
Ben: The Eagles could have had 2 months off and this game might not have been any closer. To be fair to the defense they bent but didn't break in the 1st half, in the second half Manning carved them up. Guys were just wide open, you have to tip your cap to Manning. The one stop they did get in the second half wasn't because of anything the Eagles did. It didn't matter terms of the score but Alex Henerey missed again. The offense appeared to stagnate especially in the second half. This is not what we signed up for Chip. I miss the smile that was plastered on my face in week one.
Ryan:  Yeah, I’m not sure what anyone was truly expecting here.  I think if they had two months to prepare, it might have been closer.  But I’m not willing to put money on that.  I didn’t think they’d win and they (obviously) lived up to my expectations.  Peyton Manning makes a lot of secondaries look bad.  Sadly, the Eagles don’t need a master QB to accomplish that.  Also, can the Birds put this past them and get ready to take on the Giants?  Because they surely can’t stink it up against them.  Or can they?
The Ugly
Ben: The final score (am I right?). The special teams gave up 2 td's, one on a kickoff return another on a blocked punt that was returned. The receivers can't get open. The Jeremy Maclin injury appears to have been costly in the sense that nobody else on this team can get open consistently.  There appeared to be plays when there was time to pass, but there was nothing available anywhere.    
Ryan:  With about one minute left in the third quarter, Troy Aikman commented that the Birds had lost their fight – that they had given up.  And I had to agree.  And that really pissed me off, because I don’t like agreeing with Aikman on anything.  Special teams was anything but special.  And the ultimate humiliation – they changed from the Broncos-Eagles game to the Cowboys game at the start of the 4th quarter.  Ouch.
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10/3/13   |   kobe_lova   |   61975 respect

Good try!

9/30/13   |   JenX63   |   32816 respect

It seems Mr Manning is on a mission this year. Coverage was insane.