From The Armchair: Philadelphia Eagles, Week 6

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Blog Photo - From The Armchair:  Philadelphia Eagles, Week 6Each week Ben (PhillyGenius82) and I will recap the game for the Philadelphia Eagles.  This week, we discuss the good, bad, and ugly for the win against Tampa Bay.

The Good
Ben:  9! He had a good game. If you learned anything from the last 2 years it's that you never bet against 9  when he's playing the Bucs. A good game from the receivers Coop went over 100 with a TD and D-Jack had 2 TD's. Bradley Fletcher had a nice game. Nate Allen didn't embarrass himself this week. The Birds are back to .500 and it's Dallas week!
Ryan:  Obviously, I’m happy that Foles and the offense performed well.  I really liked that the offense was able to stretch out the field more and not simply rely on McCoy to have a monster game (though, I’ll take 116 yards every day!).   It’s fun when you can talk about someone other than your All-Pro RB.  Jackson and Cooper had great games.
The Bad
Ben: The pass rush could not get to Mike Glennon until early in the 4th quarter. This proved a little problematic in the middle of the game when the Bucs were able to keep drives going this game probably shouldn't have been this close.
Ryan:  While I will never refuse a victory, it’s hard for me to think this a very special win – I mean, the Bucs are 0-5.  And like Ben said above, the Bucs were never really out of it until the end.  Still, bend but don’t break works.  Only allowing 3 points in the second half is a positive for the defense, but they’ve gotta find a way to put games like this away quicker.
The Ugly
Ben: MRSA! Seriously I thought this was the NFL not some sort of high school outfit! Punt coverage definitely left a lot to be desired.  
Ryan:  351.  We gave up 351 yards to this offense, which isn’t very awesome.  351 to a rookie quarterback.  351 to an offense that is 31st in the league.    They’d better shape up quickly or Tony Romo is going to light up our secondary next week.   That was painful to type.  It will be more painful to watch if we don’t find a way to avoid miscues.
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Go Eagles next game!