From The Armchair: Week 1 Texans

From The Armchair: Houston Texans - Week 1

9/10/13 in NFL   |   ms_hippie_queen   |   30208 respect

Blog Photo - From The Armchair: Week 1 TexansThe Good: Texans won! They actually pulled a 20-minute drill resulting in the 24-0 run needed to beat the San Diego Chargers. For most of the game, it just seemed to be “one of those” where every inch is going the way of the other team. Apart from the opening 2 plays of the game and LeStar Jean making two very poorly-timed holds on big run plays, oh yeah, and Schaub tripping over his own big dumb body while the announcers were talking about his grace, the team looked pretty great for game one. 56 and 99 both lived up to their hype, the split time run game between Foster and Tate was effective and I will probably start calling them TweedleDance (Foster) and TweedleShove (Tate), so get used to that. I’d like to just glance lightly over Matt Schaub’s uncharacteristic mobility, but I don’t trust it yet, so I’ll wait at least another game or two. But if that becomes a “thing” in our offense, we might be scary good. The best action of the night was the call on Chargers via the defenseless Chris Myers (C) on what would have been a Field Goal attempt. It was awfully late by then and a lot happened in the whole game, but I am pretty sure that turned into our first TD of our comeback. It was the inch that finally went our way.

The Bad: The first three plays of the game -
Blog Photo - From The Armchair: Week 1 Texans
1. Dropped kickoff and attempt to run it out of the endzone.
2. Interception
3. Chargers Touchdown

The Ugly:
Blog Photo - From The Armchair: Week 1 Texans
Seriously? I am beginning to feel patronized by these things.

P.S. The Best: Here we go again.
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9/10/13   |   kteacher   |   34390 respect

I'd like to apologize for having Rivers on the bench (the Texans started coming back after I tried to get my line up situated for week 2), and considering to use him for week 2. I also have the Texans D..........sorry. I seem to be the football kryptonite. 

(I'm willing to take "gifts" for sitting certain players if anyone is interested.)

9/10/13   |   Jess   |   34860 respect

This game was amazing. What a way to end Week 1.

9/10/13   |   Beaneaters   |   17801 respect

Great article. I drafted Foster and handcuffed Tate... the game was meh...

Ya won, good deal.  yes

9/10/13   |   JenX63   |   32776 respect

I am afraid I was unable to stay up for all of this game. I am happy to see that the Texans brought it home renewing the fans faith that they are indeed a great team.

9/10/13   |   Cali_Kat   |   15589 respect

During the second have we witnessed the downward spiral of Phillip Rivers. Every time the other team gets to him, he turns red, gets angry, starts yelling, then can't finish the game. Someone should tell him he has to play 4 Quarters not just 2.

9/10/13   |   Sharp Square   |   11945 respect

I thought i was watching the Saints D from last season play for 75% of that game  surprise that secondary needs some work but the D line came through and played well late and really gave em a chance to make that great comeback !  

If nothing else the Texans are always entertaining. smiley

Finally thanks go out to Mr. A Johnson you are a monster among men sir and capped off my chic league victory !   yes  yes  yes


9/10/13   |   kobe_lova   |   61938 respect

Umm, I like Philip Rivers but some team *coughcough* had him looking like a football gawd last night for a good, long while. They need to do much much better, on both sides of the ball. But, way to come back, yo.