From The Armchair: Week 7 Steelers vs. Ravens

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Blog Photo - From The Armchair: Week 7 Steelers vs. Ravens
BREAKING; Steelers have themselves a winning streak!!

LeVeon Bell was the highlight of the offense as he recorded 19 attempts for 93 yards. The offensive line was able to create holes for 93 yards? That's an accomplishment in itself with this bunch.

Troy, oh Troy! The Ravens where getting ready to kick the game tying extra point when, Troy tried to time the snap count and below is the result of it.
Blog Photo - From The Armchair: Week 7 Steelers vs. Ravens

The 5 yard penalty was tacked onto the the ensuing kickoff. Somehow from entirely to deep in the end zone Sanders managed to return the kick for a TD, well, sorta had he not stepped out at the 37. A combination of the Steelers offense and Ravens defensive penalties allowed the Steelers to move into field goal range, mostly penalties. Where Shaun Suisham 42 yard field goal won the game with 3 seconds left. Once again, Shaun was the leading scorer, sad I know. This is like the 297.73 time the Steelers and Ravens have finished 3 points or less difference.

Please no 7 or playoff talk, it's just 2 wins. Good day.
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On the way to my 7 wins!! :)

Ha. I just saw the last part after I posted this. Wha'eva!

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