From the Armchair: Houston Texans, Week 6

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsIt's only Week 6? <sigh>  Can Texans' fans demand a recount? Because it feels like it must be at least Week 26, and I don't mean that in a good way.

So as this game is drawing to a painfully slow conclusion, I'm trying to find a silver lining...but sorry, no can do.  Maybe just a hint of a bright side...nope, nada, not even a brief flash.  Started wondering if I could do this from the psychiatrist's couch instead of the armchair...figured I'd get flagged for violating some HIPAA provision, and the penalty would be assessed on the Texans' next kick-off.  Hmmm...ok, uhhh, I got nothin' here's some Texan-y nuggets from Twitter.

@PatDStat - "It's done. Can't believe this. Collective ending for the #Texans."

@JimmyNeil_NFL - "What the...?!?!?!?!?!"

@DavidNunoABC13 - "The #Texans have now been outscored 65-9 in the last 6.5 quarters."

@ChrisWesseling - "Schaub was not the problem today. Penalties, fumble, + defense rolling over."

@TexansDC - "IT GOT WORSE!"

@taniaganguli - "...Last week wasn't rock bottom. This is rock bottom. #Texans" [Do you promise this is rock bottom?  Please, oh please, let this be rock bottom!]

LiterallyCorzo - "Time to throw out the baby with the bathwater. Take a sledgehammer to the bath and remodel the whole bathroom.  #RIP #Texans"  [Wonders to self if it's time to burn down whole house. Considers recent Texans' fans actions against Schaub, decides to put that thought away...way far away.]

@McClain_on_NFL - "...Fans are booing unmercifully. I don't blame them."

@ms_hippie_queen - "can someone remind me what it feels like when your team scores a touchdown?"     [No, dear, we can't remind you, because we've all forgotten...just what is this thing you call a touchdown?]

- "Texans have been outscored 68-9 since the Sherman pick six. No touchdowns, three field goals, SIX turnovers, and ten miles in penalties."

@LanceZierlein - "OMG. The Texans are a complete and utter disaster on almost every level at this point..."

@randyharvey - "Even before falling behind 24-6 on #Rams first drive of 2nd half, #Texans looked like a beaten team..."

@marshdeedee - "Ouch. #Texans #blesstheirhearts"  [That hashtag was apparently customized just for you Ashlie!]

- "#Texans...on verge of going 4-8 after 11-1 start in 2012."

@sportywineguy - "Looks like the Texans have thrown in the towel too. Kubiak in trouble? Wade Phillips interim head coach? McNair should be furious. #Texans"

@BobSlovak13 - "This is unbelievable. Season on the line and you play like this. Schaub won't be the only one going after this."

@GregBailey13 - "Listless and lifeless #Texans. Like someone pulled the plug on the players and the stadium. ZERO energy."

@richeisen - "Yates just threw a Schaub. Unbelievable."  ['Unbelievable' seems to be a recurring theme around here.]

- "TJ Yikes...there ya go. #Pray4Houston"  ["Gee, thanks Marcus", HouTxFans said snarkily, "We feel better already!"]

- "Duane Brown was already off the field with his helmet off before Alec Ogletree crossed the goal line on that pick 6..."  Hmmm...I love Duane Brown, but that ain't cool.

SteelerJoe76 - "About time for the Texans to pull the bubble wrap off Case Keenum."  I wish it weren't so Joe.  We can't have nice things, you know, plus I'm afraid we'll get the little guy killed.

- "Of course. If you're gonna flame out...It's gotta be spectacular. #Texans"

@McClain_on_NFL - "The Texans were so awful they scored the hat trick of futility - allowing TDs on offense, defense and special teams."  Hey look, Becky...hat tricks aren't just for hockey!

- "The Texans out-gained the Rams nearly 2:1 in total yards...and lost by 25 points. #STLvsHOU" 

@bigfatdrunk - "The #Texans committed more turnovers today (4) than they've created all season (3)."

@PayneNFL - "One positive way to work through your anger is to stay up all night lashing out at people who
tweet 'Houston we have a problem'."  Preach it about the shark having been jumped, and besides, it's not nice to point!

And now, the ultimate sign that the apocalypse is upon H-town...

- "Let them know VY is in shape and ready to go! I always loved my birth place...IM READY!"   

See what you idiots who cheered Schaub's injury we're getting smited! 
Oh dear...please God, no...if we promise to never again cheer that a player is injured...make him go away and send us that Manziel boy from A&M.

Tune in for next week's episode when the imploding Houston Texans face the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs.
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Christ in hell! That Young tweet made me stop, re-read, rewind, and lmao yesterday. No f***ing sir. Let them suffer in peace.They quit, listless and lifeless indeed.

New week, Go Texans?!

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JenX63 wrote:
broken heartseriously broke
I hope Matt is OK.

I do too. I haven't heard anything yet except "lower leg injury", and I'm just hoping it's not the foot that Fat Albert Haynesworth fell on in 2011.  Always heard that things are just never the same after a lis franc injury, and that was the foot (along with other "lower leg parts") that got twisted up in that pile today. Whether he ever plays for the Texans again, I like my Schaubby.  He's a good guy, and I wish him the best.

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broken heartseriously broke
I hope Matt is OK.